RushMoon Token is an automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm, and AMM decentralized exchange Token.


Rushmoon Finance Token

RushMoon is an automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain support CAKE-LP v2 staking.

Day by day Decentralized Finance is creating its own existence, using the most advanced technologies used for payments in a decentralized way.

Automatic Liquidity Pool, Yield Farming, and Automated Market Maker Exchanger are exploring new platforms for investor and crypto enthusiasts to invest, and receive Higher APR.

RushMoon is one of the newest Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange introducing Automatic LP, Yield Farm, & AMM Decentralized Exchange platform with Binance Smart Chain Network.

RushMoon aims to offer you the new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, with the best exchange rate for trading, along with a unique trading incentive mechanism to RushMoon AMM dex.


Users can earn tokens by trading on RushMoon. But different from traditional trading mining, the rewards on RushMoon for trading can be different tokens. Other projects can provide their own tokens as rewards for specified trading pairs.

Before listings, the liquidity will be added on PancakeSwap then on RushMoon.

Farming will start at block #7667919. You can view the block countdown on BscScan.

Automatic Liquidity
There is a 5% transfer tax on each transaction, the 4% transfer tax will be added to the RUSH-BNB liquidity pool through the contract automatically. The liquidity is locked and inaccessible, raising the price floor every time a transaction be made.
Automatic Burning
According to tokenomics design, each transfer must pay a 5% transfer tax. The 1% transfer tax will be burned (sent to the black hole address) immediately. Black Hole Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD
Harvest Lockup
Harvest lockup is a unique and creative farming rewards lockup mechanism . This mechanism can help us limit the frequency of harvest to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dump. Users can check the harvest lockup on each farm card.
Deposit Fee Redistribution
A 4% deposit fee will be charged when users enter staking on RushMoon, we plan to use the deposit fee to add more liquidity buyback pool. This provides instead of the removed liquidity of the RUSH buyback pool.
At launch Buyback pool filled with presale purchase.
Every time this function is called 2% of liquidity is removed and the liquidity is then split into BNB and RUSH. BNB market buys RUSH.

The rest ~99% of the RUSH is then burned ~ 1% of RUSH sent to the caller of the function to incentivize user spending gas.

Liquidity Buy and Burn

  1. Function becomes available once a 6 hour and can be called by anyone.
  2. The caller of the function will receive 1% of the RUSH for incentive to spend Gas.
  3. Use the farm deposit fee to refill the Buyback pool.
  4. At launch Buyback pool filled with presale purchase.
Referral Program
An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters can earn 1% of his/her friends earnings forever.

Rushmoon Presale

Join RushMoon Token Presale !


Transfer Tax
■ Burn Rate: 1% of transfer tax will be burned immediately
■ Automatic Liquidity Rate: 4% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.
■ Total Transfer Tax Rate: 5% of every transfer

Emission Rate
■ 1000 RUSH/ block
■ 28,800,000 RUSH/ day
■ 9.09% to the dev team to ensure essential growth of the project.


AMM decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain with lots of unique and creative features that let you earn and win. Visit RushMoon DEX


RushMoon Token assemble is at the period of attracting speculations.

■ Token Name: RushMoon
■ Token Symbol: RUSH
■ Contract Address: 0xff96ce2cc0d20dA0250A63BDca2B568F52a5bC71
■ Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
■ Max Supply: Unlimited

Be the part of revolutionary exchange platform.

RushMoon DEX Platform

+ Project Launch
+ Presale (Whitelist open for 7 days)
+ Audits (In progress)
+ Apply for Listings on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, DappRadar, BscScan, etc.
+ Farming (Stake RUSH-LP’s to earn RUSH) – 6 hours after presale end
+ Twitter Contests – Will start right after launch
+ Partnerships – Will start right after launch

+ AMM Decentralized Exchange – 30 days after launch
+ Disable All Cake-LP Farms – 3 day after AMM release
+ Add RUSH-LP Farms – 3 day after AMM release
+ Initial Farm Offering IFO (Buy new tokens with RUSH lp tokens) – 15 days after AMM release
+ AMM Trading Mining (Trading on RUSH to earn new tokens) – 30 days after AMM release

Other Products
+ AMM API Endpoint
+ AMM Analytics
+ Voting
+ Margin Trading (Trade BSC tokens with leverage on-chain)
+ Fixed-Rate Swap
+ Binary Options

More Information
My BitcoinTalk Username: DigitalBitcoin
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