What is Elektra Coin?



Elektra Coin is a peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency, and even earn a substantial interest on investment. This means any person that holds Elektra Coin in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network.

Do you wish you could secure your future with financial stability in a safe way? Are you tired of Centralized banking and the misleading promises of third party lenders doing what they want with your money?

Gain financial freedom with a secure and practical alternative to centralized banking. With Cryptocurrency, you are on the path to financial independence you have always wanted with a secure method to achieve it. Identity theft, lack of personal connection with banks and incentives that never pay off become unbearable when you want to make your money truly work for you.

This is not an investment tool; it is the investment tool you need to jump start your financial security!

Elektracoins are not controlled by any institutions or governments. All transactions are recorded but will never be able to identify the owners of those transactions. They fully believe in anonymity and want to protect our clients from all fraudulent people and governments. All transactions are spread throughout multiple servers making it impossible for someone to hack and forge a transaction.

4 Features that brings value to ELEKTRA?


The Elektra Insurance policy will help protect your funds that you have loaned out to us. 40% of our ICO will be placed in a secure offline wallet to protect client funds. Feel that if a client makes a loan to Elektra that it should be protected from a market crash or anything that may happen. Want to make sure as can pay every single loan back if an emergency occurs.
Low Fees
Transaction Fees will be lower and faster than your current Bitcoin transactions. You can expect to see your transaction in your five minutes or less. Transaction fees will be rewarded to miners.

Mining pool fee 1% will go into a wallet for insurance on client loans.

Exchange Fees, 70% will go toward any maintenance upgrades to help keep the platform running and the other 30% will also go into the insurance wallet for our client’s loans.

Early Withdraw
YES, there is an early withdraw! Anyone who has an active contract that is 50% completed may withdraw their USD but will receive a 20% penalty for contract breach. Team understand people have emergencies happen in life and may need it sooner than the contract expires. They strongly recommend that you do not invest your life savings. They encourage you to invest and create a larger life savings!

In order to withdraw your investment early:

  • Write a support ticket explaining why you want to withdraw early.
  • Be sure that 50% of your contract is completed our your support ticket will not be seen
  • We will review your request and see how much time is left on your contract
  • Your invested USD will be issued back to you within 12-24 hours
  • Remember that 20% of your investment will be deducted before your investment is returned.

Example: John invested 10,000.00 USD but did an early withdraw, he will receive 8,000.00 USD for contract breach.

  • Coin Algorithm : Equihash so there is no centralized mining like Bitcoin (PoW/PoS)
  • Coin Abbreviation : EKA
  • Maximum Coin Supply : 32 Million
  • Coin base maturity : 50 blocks
  • Total PoW block : 262800
  • PoW block reward : 10 EKA
  • Block Spacing : 2 minutes
  • Minimum Stake Age : 15 Days
  • Maximum Stake Age : 90 Days
  • Staking Interest : 10% Monthly

Lending and Transparent Trading Bot

100 – 2,000No % Bonus260 Day Capital Return
2,001 – 6,0000.1% Bonus180 Day Capital Return
6,001 – 10,0000.3% Bonus100 Day Capital Return
10,001 – 100,0000.4% Bonus90 Day Capital Return

NOTE: If Elektra’s trade bot does not make a profit or takes a loss you will not receive a payout unless you have a contract with a bonus. Clients will NEVER take a loss when Elektra takes a loss.


They are focused on community first. Below is the roadmap and more information on Elektra Coin.

Oct 2017Website/ICO
Nov 2017Tranfser EKA to Web Wallet
Dec 2017Exchange Listings (Proj. $3-$5)
Dec 2017Referral (LIVE NOW) and Mining Launched
Q1 2018Lending/Internal Exchange
Q2 2018Trading Bot Reveal
Q3/Q4 2018Expansion & Growth




The ICO will run for 30 days or until 4 million coins are sold. To combat fraud and ensure fairness, at the time of purchase, you will receive placeholder coins. Immediately after the ICO, the web wallet will be launched allowing the transfer of Elektra coins. We want to keep the ICO as fair as possible and limit the chances of Elektra coin being listed on exchanges prematurely.


Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3


Days 1-10

15% Discount: $0.85/coin



Days 11-20

10% Discount: $0.90/coin


Days 21-30

10% Discount: $1.00/coin

Funds will be dispersed as detailed below:

Product Development

Any unsold ICO coins will be stored in the insurance pot.

How to Buy EKA?

To purchase Elektra Coins, visit Elektracoin and follow the checkout process. BTC only.

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WCX offers a pro experience with 10x lower fees.

What are WCX Tokens (WCXT)?

  • 10 WCX = 1 USD at ICO
  • As a holder of WCX Tokens, you’re entitled to a portion of WCX’s revenue.
  • 20% of all revenue generated by WCX is automatically paid out to token holders, in amounts based on each holder’s share of the total amount of tokens.
  • As an exchange, WCX collects fees in many digital currencies. That means that holding WCXT is equivalent to holding a passive income portfolio of diverse digital currencies.



9 Factors that increase value of WCX?


Tiny Fees
Some exchanges charge up to 1% in fees on every transaction. WCX is 10x cheaper and market makers are paid. That means more money stays in your pocket.
98% of customer funds are kept in cold storage at all times. Server infrastructure is segregated and protected with the latest security software.
Built For Scale
WCX’s trading engine was built by Wall Street veterans and field tested for three years, relaying over one million transactions per second without hiccups.
Radically Better User Experience
A unified and powerful trading dashboard means WCX feels fast, fluid, and intuitive on both desktop and mobile.
Awesome Customer Support
WCX’s scalable customer support team is ready to answer your questions whenever you need to ask them, even in times of high traffic.
Global & Anonymous
Start trading wherever you are in the world – no ID verification required. WCX operates entirely with digital currency and does not deal with banks.
Advanced Order Types
Easily submit market, limit, stop, trailing stop, and block orders that work exactly as you expect – with unmatched execution speed.
High-Performance API
Trade programmatically by connecting directly to WCX through REST, WebSocket, or FIX for high frequency traders.
WCX’s team comes from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM, and has decades of experience in building secure, distributed, and massive-volume systems.
  • Beta Launch. 9.1.17
  • ICO. 10.31.17
  • Launch. 10.10.17
  • Mobile Apps. Jan 2018
  • Margin Trading. Mar 2018
  • Fiat Integration. Q2 2018
  • Wallet Decentralization. Q3 2018
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Lately, innovation has unmistakably affected a few businesses. Organizations like Uber, AirBnB, and Netflix have been pioneers of change and interruption, rethinking the areas of transportation, convenience, and stimulation with new and imaginative business models. The managing an account industry, on the other hand, hasn’t seen much advancement and clients’ accounts are still responsible for a modest bunch of built up players that work in an exceptionally conventional form.

Be that as it may, with the progressions of innovation, development has been fast to fill the hole in fund – interfacing money and innovation (FinTech) to convey suggestions that better fit the requirements and needs of the populace. A few cases of these supposed FinTechs include: Transferwise, Betterment, Oscar, Lufax, ZhongAn, and so on. The bank of the future does not just offer installments with cryptographic forms of money yet in addition has a completely incorporated commercial center of FinTechs.




Change has partnered with the e-Residency project by the government of Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Change will be available to its projected 10 million e-Residents including Tim Draper and Edward Lucas.

Change is widely supported in the industry. Their mission to create a global FinTech network that defies the norms of traditional banking has inspired several big names to support them.

Vision for Future of Banking

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Guard your privacy. Protect yourself from network surveillance and hackers. Freely airdropped/distributed! NO ICO/Crowdfunding!

Website and Forum


Deep Onion is a hybrid cryptocurrency that uses proof of stake (PoS) and the X13 proof of work (PoW) algorithm. It is natively integrated with the TOR network and ALL connections are made over the TOR network.

DeepOnion increase the level of privacy for crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. With DeepOnion, you can send and receive onions (ONION) over the TOR network.

Security will be further enhanced by new DeepSend technologies, to be announced and implemented later.

Your Anonymity is guaranteed!

DeepOnion dev team is composed of industrial, social media, SEM experts and top level block-chain developers.

More advanced features will be added to the coin, and the dev team is committed to long term support.

The best part is that they DO NOT do ICOs or crowdfunding. 90% of total coins are premined at genesis block. The remaining 10% will be mineable by the public. Most premined coins will be freely airdropped to the community through many rounds of airdrops (detailed herein). Certain conditional requirements apply, please read on for details.

Genesis block, premined coins, breakdown; 70% will be air-dropped to the community, while 20% will be used for bounties, rewards and other promotions. Remaining 10% will belong to the dev team.


– PoW/PoS. – X13 algorithm for PoW. – 5 block transaction confirmations. – 50 minted block confirmations. – Total coins will be around 25 million after 10 years. – There will be around 20 million coins produced by PoW of which 18 million ONIONs (90%) is premined at genesis block. The majority of these will be distributed FREELY to the community. – About 2 million ONIONs will be mineable by the public.


– 240 sec block target. – diff retarget each block. – Initial payout will be 8 ONIONs per block. – PoW payout will be halved each year (365 days).


– 60 sec block target. – diff retarget each block. – PoS interest will be variable per year

  • 1st year: 10%
  • 2nd year: 5%
  • 3rd and subsequent years: 1%

– minimum holding time before the PoS will be generated 1 day. – maximum allowed accumulated coin is 30 days.

Why PoS interests?

PoS provides proven long term economic development and stability. It encourages users to expand the network, thus making transaction times instant. This means that you can send and receive money much faster than Bitcoin.

Six Reasons You Should Use Deep-Onion

Totally Anonymous
Invincible Payment
Continous Enhancement
Speedy Confirmation
Encrypted End-to-end Message
Helping the TOR Network
Social Connections
Check Roadmap

Feel Free To Donate ONION

(For Developement of Coinsinfo for better Co-operation)

Send Via Scanning QR Code
Send Via ONION Address

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Ananas Foundation is mapping global knowledge and making it accessible via cryptocurrency globally named Anacoin (ANAT).

About Ananas Foundation
The Ananas Foundation is a registered charity based in London. They help people from all over the world develop balanced beliefs through constructive dialogue with others. They are promoting peace and fighting hate through understanding and cooperation.
By creating their own currency, Anacoins. They align the interests of different groups and reward members of the community and trusted contributors to the platform. 
What is Anacoin ?How it Works ?Vision of Anacoin

Ananas FoundationWhitelist registration is open

Total Coins :  150,000,000 Anacoins. $0.02 / ANAT (50 Anacoins / USD) – hard cap raise of $3 million. Sale period : October 9th, 9:00 am BST (GMT +1) until October 16th 11:59 pm vBST (GMT +1)

Successful registration to the whitelist below ensures you of priority purchases during the sale period of 9-16 October!


Ananas platform builds and supports communities by creating authoritative resources around which they can gather.

Steps involved in process :

Gap Analysis
Quality Analysis
Dynamic Content
How it Works
Objective SubjectivityFlexible collaborationFree knowledgeToken ecosystemEarn rewardsDecentralized and autonomous
Subjective doesn’t have to mean unreliable. We ensures that knowledge is reliable, authoritative, & up to date
Collate different pieces, create richer structure by annotations & contribute your own work and insight in different ways.
Safeguarding our knowledge is everyone’s responsibility, but there will be free to access for everyone. No ads. No barriers.
Our unique ecosystem protects against bad influences, and aligns goals through an incentive system
You need anacoins to participate in the governing and collaboration, but good work will earn you more than you start with
We don’t own your data, nor decide everything. Ananas empowers people and communities to do good in their own way.


More Information

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Universal Web Monetization Platform Powered by the Proof-of-Change Protocol.



SilverCoin (SVC) is based on the Proof-of-Change protocol; where the more information you share and the more people you reach, the more you earn and the more you Change The World.

This Universal Web Monetization and Community Engagement Platform rewards you for sharing information and enabling others to do the same, thus solving one of the biggest problems facing the world today, Centralized Information.

It’s incentivized by a blockchain-secured deflationary rewards structure that offers a truly unique and equal opportunity to all people.

The key to this viral, barrier-less, incentivized, people-powered platform is that it is a plug and pay technology that is as easy to use as posting a link.

10 Reasons Why SilverCoin

Web Monetization
No 'Cost-of-Entry' Barrier
You Incorporated
Viral Crypto
Decentralized Information
Deflationary Payout
Residual Rewards
Get Paid To Change The World


SilverCoin Offers Two Types of Level

Level I


  • Free Internet Business Course ($1000+ usd value)
  • 32-Video Training Series With Assignments
  • Step-by-Step Instructional Format
  • You Own What You Build
  • Goal Is ‘You Incorporated’
  • No Prior Online Business Experience Necessary
  • Content Has Universal Application
  • Automatically Enable Your Followers To Do The same
  • Multiply Your Market Reach And Sphere Of Influence
  • Offer High-Level Education To Those Who Can’t Afford It


  • 88 million silvercoin (SVC) paid out via the POC protocol
  • Affiliates earn 16 SVC for every referral who joins TrueFreedom
  • Number of SVC paid out drops 50% for every 10% drop in total supply
  • Coin levels: 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125, 0.0625, 0.03125
  • The final 10% of the coins are subdivided 5 times starting at 0.03125
  • For every 20% drop in supply, coins paid out halve until it reaches zero
  • Final 5 levels: 0.03125, 0.015625, 0.0078125, 0.00390625, 0.001953125
  • 1% of payout (880,000 coins) will go to the Tech Fund
  • Total silvercoin supply is 100 million

Level II


  • Optional Membership Level
  • Crowd-Sourced Contest Generator
  • Treasure Hunt Themed Fact-Finding Game
  • Contests Pay Out Rewards For Contribution
  • Winners Chosen By Community Voting
  • Winning Content Becomes ‘Free To Share’ Web Content
  • Residual Rewards For Participation
  • Coin Holder Bonus
  • 2-Tier Monthly Affiliate Plan
  • Earn Coins From Your Referrals Referrals

Residual Rewards

Monthly membership fee is equal to 1/10 the Proof-of-Change payout. If you earn 16 SVC for a referral, the fee is 1.6 SVC for that month.

Total collected membership fees are paid out monthly as follows:

  • 25% to contest rewards
  • 25% to coin holders
  • 25% to next-level project development
  • 25% to the 2-tier affiliate plan
    • 15% for 1st level affiliate relations
    • 10% for 2nd level affiliate relations


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Bounty (XBTY) it’s just a digital token, an ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum blockchain and it’s fully compatible with all Ethereum wallets which support ERC20 Tokens or smart-contracts that uses the ERC20 Standard. Can be used as coins, certificates, IOUs, in game credits, currency for services, etc. It has no value by itself, implemented and used on various services tho it’s another story.


Team is developing various service for Bounty (XBTY) to boost the demant and value of the token in time. Since they are distributing the tokens for “free” it’s value can only go up and they hope to get the community a bit more involved.

The majority of tokens will be distributed for “free” as bounties for social media campaigns, forums signature advertising, bounties for translations, bounties for writing articles about our project on blogs, bounties for advertising through banner ads or other marketing strategies and bounties for helping us with development of services for XBTY token.
Token Information

Blockchain: Ethereum blockchain Token name: Bounty Token symbol: XBTY Total supply: 3,141,592 Contract source-code: View source-code Block explorer: View block explorer


They are not rushing anything at the moment, they have a few ideas and something on the table under development. Main goal is to develop as many services as possible and also have the community to join and help them to do so.

In their available free time they are developing those services for XBTY Token to increase the demand and hopefully it’s value on the long term, treating this as an open-source business where the community can join and help.

Currently working on:


A P2P VPN service
An online Poker Holdem game
An online Business or Service directory database
An online magazine


More ideas are on the table and we are very open to more ideas from you.

Official Links

More Information

Bitcointalk Forum
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What is Minexcoin?

MinexCoin (MNX) is a global payments system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency which is a part of Minex ecosystem. Thanks to its stable exchange rate, MinexCoin is a reliable means of payment, while controllable growth of coin price makes it an attractive means of value storage. Containment of volatility and price growth are maintained by the system’s autonomous algorithm acting like a central bank, hence the name MinexBank. Financial instruments it employs would allow traders to earn from exchange rate margin without damaging the coin’s ecosystem. On the contrary, they would support it.

Minex platform combines the functionality of a simple and safe processing infrastructure for online shopping and cryptocurrency operations, an online digital assets exchange, and an investment platform.

The instruments available at Minex enable you to store your money safely, spend them with a couple of clicks, and even obtain guaranteed revenues by just helping the system to remain stable.



Why you should join

MinexCoin (MNX) is different from other altcoins because it’s a stable low-volatility cryptocurrency with fixed annual growth. MinexCoin’s growth is pegged to per annum growth of 10 cryptocurrencies with highest market caps. As per 2016 this growth was indexed at 33,6%. It does not matter if you want to use MNX for trading, long term investment or day-to-day financial activities, with MNX you will always be gaining value.

  • MinexCoin is an altcoin yet online-businesses will never lose value if they choose to accept it as means of payment.
  • MinexCoin is a stable currency but it will be lucrative for medium and long-term investors because of controlled annual growth and interest payments for “parking”.
  • MinexCoin is a payments system which thanks to low volatility is a robust reserve cryptocurrency and eventually may be adopted as global money.

Low volatility and stable growth are achieved via a smart algorithm we call MinexBank (because its actions resemble those of central banks as they maintain stability of national currencies). The entire ecosystem will be governed by this power algorithm based on predetermined formulas, written by professional economists.



How it works

In short, MinexCoin is governed by MinexBank – a smart algorithm that autonomously takes action to maintain MNX’s price in a predictable corridor.

MinexBank’s main instruments of reigning in volatility are parking and interventions. Parking means temporarily suspending a certain amount of coin on your wallet which will allow you to receive interest. Interest rates will fluctuate according to chosen parking period and current supply/demand balance, effectively incentivizing investors to park coins when supply overpowers demand on the market. When demand is on the rise, interest rates decrease and investors are incentivized to sell. Additionally, MinexBank uses its own reserve to conduct interventions – selling or buying MNX to alleviate market’s pressure.


Minex ecosystem

The Minex Systems team intends to implement extended functionality of Minex Ecosystem by incorporating such applications as Minex Market, Minex Exchange, and Minex Platform. Implementation of those products seeks to expand the coin’s sphere of circulation, thus driving demand for it.

ICO details and token distribution

We have already successfully conducted the first round of ICO (Subscription), securing presubscription for 2 million MNX and building a strong community of investors.

During the second round of ICO only 150,000 MNX will be sold. The purpose of Phase Two is to determine the market price of the coin immediately before entering the exchange. The price will be calculated according to the following formula:

Y = ( X + Х1 ) / Z

where Y stands for market exchange rate (basic value in MinexBank’s algorithm); X for volume of involved investor funds; X1 for absolute volume of bonuses accrued by early participants; Z for the amount of coins available for the ICO. Phase Two will run from May 15th, 2017 to June 13th, 2017

The coins are subject to distribution among investors the day after the ICO’s completion.


MinexCoin specifications

MNX is a derivative of bitcoin source code. Certain changes were introduced to make payments faster and the entire system more stable.

  • Total amount: 19 000 000 MNX
  • Block rewards: 2.5 MNX
  • Hashing algorithm: Mars
  • Block size: 2 MB
  • Block time: 2 min 45 sec



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OneGram means to settle financial issues by utilizing blockchain innovation to make another sort of cryptographic money, where each coin is supported by one gram of gold at dispatch.

Furthermore, every exchange of OneGram Coin (OGC) creates a little exchange expense which is reinvested in more gold (net of administrator costs), in this way expanding the measure of gold that backs each OneGram. In this manner, each OGC increments in genuine incentive after some time, making OneGram one of a kind among cryptographic forms of money.

OGCs are durable and can be kept safely in your cryptographically secure wallet. OneGram has an intrinsic value because it’s backed by physical gold.

The OneGram ecosystem will offer merchant apps and payment processing services, making OneGram an excellent medium of exchange all around the world.

OneGram is a comprehensive Sharia compliant product and follows the three basic criteria for trading in Islamic finance: There is no interest mechanism in the issuance of OneGram, profit-loss sharing is part of the rewards scheme, and there is minimal speculation as OneGram is an asset backed by physical gold.



History Of Cryptocurrency in Short

Around eight years back, a pseudonymous cryptographer Satoshi Nakamoto presented Bitcoin as an advanced simple to gold: Limited in supply, yet secured by current cryptography, and made for the web age.

Taking after Satoshi’s strides, many attempted to enhance Satoshi’s unique vision, and a large number of option cryptographic forms of money were conceived.

In spite of huge late improvements and advancement, the market for cryptographic forms of money stays exceptionally specialty. Digital forms of money still have weaknesses that demoralize standard use, specifically high instability and obstructions to passage. It’s likewise important that current digital forms of money have not been outlined in light of Islamic markets. While the 1.6 billion Muslims make up more than 23 percent of the total populace, numerous Muslims essentially can’t utilize digital forms of money as a result of their limited legitimate status and high obstructions to passage in numerous nations in the Islamic world.

ONEGRAM (OGC) In Gold we Trust

Backed by one gram of gold

OneGram uses blockchain technology to create a new kind of cryptocurrency, where each coin is backed by one gram of gold at launch.

Historically gold is more resilient, and holds its worth better than any fiat money, particularly in times of economic instability.

No currency can guarantee absolute stability, but OneGram limits your exposure to the downside risk.

Because the base price of OneGram is always at least equal to the spot price of gold, OneGram has a floor price.

Growth with every transaction

Each OneGram transaction generates a small fee. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, in OneGram, this fee is reinvested (net of admin costs) to buy more gold and increase the amount of gold that backs each token.

As transaction volume increases, more gold gets added to the vault and all OneGram owners share in the profit. So, over time, each OneGram is fundamentally worth more by design.

OneGram is an asset class that increases in value. Not just from the price of gold but also from the amount of gold that backs each coin, which increases with each transaction. This makes OneGram a forever increasing valuable asset.


What is Sharia and Gold speculations ?
New Ideas for Money According to Sharia
Gold Investments and Sharia
Specialized points of interest of OGC
Purchasing and Redeeming OGC is simple
How you can get some OGC Coins with ICO ?

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CryptoJacks (CJ) brought to cryptoworld by a group of Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts and Developers.
CryptoJacks is developed to offer various facilities (Gaming, Exchange, Mining & Web Hosting facilities) to global cryptocurrency fascinated community and to put pug mark in Cryptocurrency world.



As CJ mentioned in their Caption – Crypto that brings their ideas to life – To expand CJ activities and make members participate in their success, they have decided to sell 360,000,000 Coins of our stake over 36 Rounds 0f 10,000,000 Coins Each (We have opted for ICO to get conducted in rounds only to make Members Discover our True Price over a Period of 36 Rounds with consideration of development phases) .

360,000,000 Coins will be sold during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) spread over 36 Rounds, 60,000,000 coins will be Mineable during the Proof-Of-Work phase (PoW) and 30,000,000 coins along with stakes will be used for different bounties.

CryptoJacks (CJ) Coin Offering

Currently CJ making good movement on different exchanger with their ICO offerings. Already CJ have finished their 4th round of ICO.

Crypto lover, Traders, Investors can still join ICO on following exchanger.


If you are not familiar with Exchanger then can go for direct investment for ICO of CryptoJacks

People can Opt for it by sending Payment to BTC Address mentioned and PM me for Receiving Coins in Wallet or hit @ skype (Skype: cryptojackscoin)

Send Via Scanning QR Code
Send Via Address

Ticker: CJ

Type: PoW/PoS hybrid

PoW algorithm: X13

PoS block hashing: sha256d

Max Coins: 500.000.000

PoW reward: 20 CJ

Last PoW block: 3000000

PoS reward: fixed 5% (yearly)

Minimum PoS age: 24 hours

Maximum PoS age: unlimited

Block time target: 1 minute

Difficulty retarget: every block

Coinbase maturity: 100 blocks

Transaction recommended minimum confirmations: 10

Minimal TX fee: 100 Satoshis (0.00010000CJ)


More Information

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