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  1. HiveNet Tokens (HNT) – The Next Generation Distributed Cloud Computing Network
  2. CoinCasso Exchange Token (CCX) – Cryptocurrency ICO & Wallet
  3. CURES Token(CRS): Universal Decentralized Healthcare Ecosystem
  4. BatMine Token (BATM): Innovative High-Speed Green Crypto Mining Solution
  5. WorkChain offers Blockchain Solution for the Future of Payroll
  6. CarbonChain : Decentralized High-performance and Nature-friendly Blockchain
  7. Encrybit Token (ENCX) : Revolutionary Feature Enriched Trading Platform
  8. LoyalCoin (LYL) : Loyalty Economy Platform for Everyone Powered by NEM Technology
  9. Change : The First Global Crypto Bank

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Ethereum Review

CoinCasso Exchange Token (CCX) – Cryptocurrency ICO & Wallet - The blockchain is a cutting edge innovation which is changing the world economy. Those allow instant, secure, anonymous payments all over the world and help to prevent corruption and money laundering. Continue Reading
CURES Token(CRS): Universal Decentralized Healthcare Ecosystem - CURES offering a general medical community of administrations accessible to patients, human services suppliers and those working in the field of medical industry, with help of decentralized platform. Continue Reading

Stellar Review

One Year Stellar Stellar : connecting banks, payments systems, and people. - Stellar gives you platform enabling many of features and futures for accepting payments globally. With a team of top technology and finance professionals, is a nonprofit that connects people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential. Continue Reading

Exchanger Review

WCX - WCX Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange. WCX offers pro experience with 10x lower fees. As an exchange, WCX collects fees in many digital currencies. Continue Reading

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