Blockchain technology is an indeed innovative and revolutionary, we believe it is the future, but there are still things to be perfect. Two of those things are costs and energy efficiency. BATMINE
BATMINE is more than just another crypto mine. It is Blockchain Applied Technology (BAT) at its best, crafted by skilled Cyber artisans and Blockchain professionals based in Bulgaria. BATMINE creating the most advanced, profitable, fastest and sustainable cryptocurrency mine that ever existed.

BATMINE have a great solution for the future environment of industry which will be based on the Blockchain platform. As we are taking blockchain technology as very concern for future development, we have to keep a few things in consideration and these are cost and energy.


Company Overview
Blockchain Applied Technology Ltd
Mara Gidik street N21, et,1
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria

And it’s 100% subsidiary company Blockchain Applied Technology Ltd., Rybna 24, 110 00 Praha 1, The Czech Republic.

Mining Industry Overview

There are several ways to get involved in crypto mining

Home Mining
Home mining is currently not profitable, mostly due to the high electricity cost.
Cloud Mining
Cloud Mining is suitable for mostly private individual mining.
Cloud Mining is often not transparent:

  • No control over the equipment and its maintenance;
  • No contact with the equipment suppliers, no overview of pricing and equipment models;
  • No knowledge of the real mining capacity;
  • No overview of spending and costs;
  • Often the location of the Mining Facility is anonymous.
Industrial Mining Farm
Industrial Mining functions as a corporate business facility.
These methods have their advantages and limitations.

  • Industrial Mining is expensive and requires a higher level of expertise and resources.
  • Significant investments in equipment and infrastructure are required for profitable mining.
  • High volumes of electricity are used. Even though electricity is bought wholesale, the amounts are still high.
  • IT Mining experts and other specialists are needed to work full time on the Mining Farm.
The BatMine Strategy
The Company will initially mine BTC, LTC, ETH, and a mix of proof-of-work based coins and scrypt algorithm based coins. Which exact coins they mine depend on the assessment of the profitability per coin over the current and projected future period.

Mining of Cryptocurrency
Mining is a competitive activity and therefore sustainability and profitability of the mine are the key importance. Miners need to be replaced regularly and with miners with ever-increasing computing power to handle the growing difficulty level. For this reason, 25% of all profit will be used to replace broken miners with newer and stronger ones as they become available, and 20% of all profit will be used, in correlation with partners, to develop the next generation of miner chips and miners, so that BatMine can remain competitive and earn on revenue from chip and miner sales too.
Mining as a Service (MaaS)
MaaS services can only be obtained through BATM tokens which ensures continuous usage of the tokens. BatMine will provide the hash power to their customers they require to mine crypto-coins with dedicated MaaS miners.
packages include:

  • Dedicated miner(s) installed at state-of-the-art co-location in a safe jurisdiction,
  • Specialized technicians managing the miners 24/7/365,
  • Continuously provided electricity,
  • High-speed Internet connection,
  • 24/7 access to users miner results,
  • Monthly distribution of users mined profits.
Custodial Services
Mine different coins at the same time (pending technical ability of your miners) Custodial services from BatMine are simple and straightforward.

  • You either buy miners or send your equipment.
  • Highly skilled technicians install the miners.
  • Operate, maintain and manage,
  • Every month distribute all mined coins minus a fixed fee per month for the Custodial Services package per miner.
Hardware Sales
Work with the main vendors that provide with their state-of-the-art mining equipment. In addition, also develop and market own miners and chips which will offer to wholesale and retail customers.
Revenue Distribution
The BatMine revenue distribution model is simple and straightforward.
BatMine will generate revenues from:

  1. Mining of cryptocurrency,
  2. Mining-as-a-Service
  3. Custodial Services,
  4. Hardware sales.

The profit (income in mined cryptocurrency + received fiat/crypto -/- costs and tax reserve) is distributed as follows:

  • 30% is distributed to our Silent Partners that invested in the project, for a period of 10 years (until March 2029),
  • 33% is used to replace hardware,
  • 20% is used for further development of our own miners, and
  • 17% remains in the Company and will be used for other Company cost and expansion.

In the case at times less hardware replacement or R&D costs are needed than the dedicated percentages of the distributable revenues, then these gains are shared 50-50 between the Silent Partners and BatMine.

All revenues are distributed monthly on the 15th (or the first working day after) of the month following the previous calendar month. Revenues are distributed in the currency in which they are received from the market. Hence BTC revenue is paid in BTC, ETH in ETH, and EUR in EUR. If it will be possible they will develop smart contracts for automatic distribution.


Token Information: BATM Tokens are utility tokens that can be exchanged for all BatMine services including exchanging them for mining services and custodial services.

  • Token name: BitMine
  • Symbol: BATM
  • Decimals: 18
  • Type: ERC20
  • Technology: Ethereum
  • Token use: BATM Tokens are utility tokens that can be exchanged for all BatMine services
  • Purchase options: ETH
  • Purchase options: 750 BATM Tokens are gifted to investors for every 1 ETH invested.
  • Unsold tokens: Non-sold and/or non-distributed tokens will be burned
  • Hard cap: 19,000,000 EUR in ETH
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR in ETH
  • ICO duration: 02.01.2019 to March
  • ICO Time schedule: 02.01.2019 – March
  • Bonuses: (Whitelisted participants only) up to 20%
  • Lock up: All tokens will be locked up until the end of the ICO (until March) or after the Hard Cap is reached, plus 15 days.
  • Silent Partnership Agreement (SPA): Silent Partnership Agreements will be electronically signed with every participant. Silent Partnership Agreements are transferable.

BATM Tokens will be Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens for accessing service offered by BatMine.

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

Profit Distribution

Partner / User Incentives

In exchange for Bounty Tokens, investors must become a valuable member of BatMine community. The more you help to promote and advance the concept the bigger “Proof of Care” allocation you will receive.

Road Map
  • Q4 2017  Conception of the idea to do an ICO. (Market research into ICOs and into legal options of profit sharing with investors. Verification of Silent Partnership Framework with the Czech National Bank.)
  • Q1 2018  Market research, concept brainstorming.
  • Q2 2018 Project concept formulation, Market research, Gathering information on the newest technology, Profit sharing concept, First ICO Drafts
  • Q3 2018 ICO preparation, Whitepaper, Investment Agreement, Website etc.
  • Q4 2018 ICO finalization, preliminary contact with institutional investors.
  • Q1 2019 ICO execution
  • Q2 2019 Location for the mine, Electricity connection, Purchase of the needed Equipment, all setup- and preparatory activities, installation of first miners.
  • Q3 2019 Miners installed and mining. First profit sharing.
More Information

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