The first IDO for fundraising platform on Binance Smart Chain, where users hold PolkaRoad tokens to get (FCFS) base allocation.


New Decentralized IDO Platform for (BSC) Projects Based on Binance Smart Chain.

The first Unique, and Engaging community-oriented network for fundraising platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In which user can hold tokens PolkaRoad tokens they will get (FCFS) base allocation.

Join the first community-oriented network for raising capital which will quickly become the go-to place to find the next top quality gems who are trying to find a reasonable place to call home for his or her smart contracts.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) may be a rapidly growing sector of the blockchain ecosystem and brings tons of advantages to users within the market. Currently, decentralized applications (dApps) are mostly still deployed on Ethereum and BSC Network.

Polka Road offers a Decentralized Platform for crypto-wallets. Hence, Your cryptocurrency is fully controlled and safe in your own crypto wallet.

Polkadot may be a blockchain protocol with a robust development team, and has many advantages over Binance Smart Chain in terms of processing speed and scalability.

Your cryptocurrency is fully controlled and safe in your own crypto wallet and trades your crypto wallet-to-wallet.
The first Unique, and Engaging community-oriented network for fundraising platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Ultra-smooth, fast and simple interface easy to use.
People can buy and stake their PRD tokens for IDO Allocation.
Why PolkaRoad Made?

PolkaRoad may be a decentralized application platform. one among PolkaRoad ’s most vital products is PolkaRoad DEX – a decentralized exchange that permits users to swap tokens on Polkadot to tokens on other blockchains without the necessity for any centralized organization. additionally , by using the smart farming mechanism, liquidity providers can earn high-yield rewards.


PolkaRoad Token speculations.

■ Token Name: PolkaRoad
■ Token Symbol: PRD
■ Contract Address: 0x62afa078281e88ca1dff5c0a5c4b030a8e73a4ad
■ Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
■ Total Supply: 21,000,000 PRD
■ Tokens Unlock for Liquidity: 1,000,000 PRD

PolkRoad IDO Platform
Liquidity providers will be able to earn rewards, even while they’re sleeping. All rewards will be paid in the PRD token. All transactions that move PRD attract a small fee worth 0.5% of the total amount. This fee will go into two pools:
90% shared for all farmers. – 10% burned directly.

For example, suppose that PRD’s current price is $0.10 and there are 10 pools on PolkaRoad.
When a user swaps 1,000 USDT to PRD (on any exchange or DEX), in theory that user should receive about.
For another example, suppose that the system has an existing DOT-USDT pool with a current LP of 10,000 USDT and 1,000 DOT. Suppose a user has 2,000 USDT and wants to join in farming: the user would need to add 1,000 USDT and 100 DOT (bought with 1,000 USDT at the price of $10 per DOT, not including slippage) to the pool. At this point, this user’s LP DOT-USDT share in the pool is 100 / (1,000 + 100) = 9.091%. As such, when 1,000 PRD is added to the pool as for rewards, this user would earn 90.91 claimable PRD.

About PolkRoad

PRD is the native token of the PolkaRoad ecosystem. The main features of the PRD tokens are:

Rewards for farming: Like other Defi platforms, there’ll be many pools for farming. Liquidity providers will earn an amount of PRD that corresponds to the entire amount of liquidity that they added.

Governance: PRD holders have the proper to vote to vary parameters, features and developmental roadmaps of the PolkaRoad ecosystem within the future.

Lending fee: Using PRD for fees to borrow on PolkaRoad Lending, the user will receive a 50% discount, and therefore the remaining 50% are going to be burned to support the deflationary token mechanism.

Launchpad: To participate in future projects on PolkaRoad Launchpad, a user must lock a particular amount of PRD to farm lottery tickets.

Upcoming Event
PolkaRoad will launch own PolkaRoad meme token.

Q1 – 2021 ✔️
+ PolkaRoad Project Live
+ Build IDO Plateform

Q2 – 2021 🚴‍♂️
+ Token Presale
+ Airdrop & Bounty Launch
+ Public IDO Listing
+ IDO Launchpad Live
+ Launch Meme Token

Q3 – 2021
+ Partnership
+ Exchange Listings
+ Liquidity Farming own Platform.

Q4 – 2021
+ Wallet DApp Release.
+ NFT Launching

Q5 – 2021
+ Coming…

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