E-Leven Token (ELV) offers an opportunity for Everyone to get a share of the 11 Trillion Dollar, Crypto Stock Market.


E-LEVEN TOKEN (ELV) is a token developed under the E-LEVEN TOKEN Protocol BEP20.

A standard on the Binance Smart Chain that inherits the properties of the ERC-20, but with low fees and fast transaction speed, among other benefits.

With a fixed supply of 11 million Tokens, E-LEVEN (ELV) integrates what will henceforth call Crypto Market and Stock Market, leading to a merger of Digital Assets (Tokens) with the Stock Market (Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Futures, Bonds, Stocks and others).

E-leven token (ELV) comes to merge the growing world of crypto.

Already known stock market, being the unit of account for the disruptive and innovative model of E-leven Group.

A utility token, under Binance Smart Chain's BEP-20 friendly standard, with a total of 11 Million Supply, with 3 stages of PRE-SALE until JULY 11.
A BROKER with advanced technology that opens a gateway, enhancing the world of financial markets on one platform unified with fair rates and favorable conditions.
The disruptive model will allow everyone to trade with a transparent cost structure, as well as receiving reimbursements and bonuses through a sophisticated participatory social economy framework.
Development of CEX, DEX and SWAPS for the E-leven ecosystem. Tailor-made brokerage solutions with advanced technology.
Why choose E-LEVEN ?
Many traders find in this Stock Market an opportunity to achieve progress in their personal goals, but what many of them ignore is that trading is only part of a whole in this industry that grows day by day.

E-leven Bank gives you the opportunity to become a bespoke Brokerage service provider in an efficient way with the support of true professionals in the industry.

Understand the industry and its emerging technological challenges.
Committed to customized development.
Understand the importance of constant renewal and updates.
Value and reward the work of their IB Traders and Clients.

E-Leven(ELV) Token speculations.

■ Token Name: E-LEVEN
■ Token Symbol: ELV
■ Contract Address: 0x20a2ee8d26aa6a7ce4890c2a44b788c4283356eb
■ Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
■ Total Supply: 11.000.000 ELV

Join E-Leven
E-leven (ELV) is presented as the solution to the excessive commissions that Brokers charge when receiving Cryptocurrencies from investors or Traders who come to seek a competitive, supportive, fair, and transparent scenario. In this way, users who interact with the model proposed by E-leven Bank will be able to operate with prices in real-time, directly hooked on the stock markets and with the main Cryptocurrency houses and traditional brokerages without absurd commissions, unfair leverage fees, and with an interaction protocol directed with a novel DISRUPTIVE model in which E-LEVEN (ELV) also entered as a deposit medium.

E-leven seeks to unite the strength and financial muscle of the largest number of small operators and medium investors, who together form a large portion of the almost 7 Trillion dollars that move in the Forex market; thus accessed commissions that it shares with this great community and thus allowing to generate a financial circuit that would re-inject volumes to the number of tokens (ELV) placed in the Cryptocurrency market that adds up to more than 2.4 Trillion dollars and increasing.

About E-Leven

The growing boom of cryptocurrencies has allowed the birth of the number of digital assets (tokens) determined to be used within an ecosystem that in turn facilitates the financing of projects, thus boosting the microeconomy of the Blockchain.

This is how E-LEVEN presents a solution based on Financial Engineering developing a hybrid system through a model called Crypto-Stock in which the community will be able to receive rewards through our Staking programs.

Without ceasing to be a DeFi Token presenting ourselves with a decentralized financial asset or value within a Blockchain, we managed to make traditional financial institutions contribute their growing capital to maintain our E-LEVEN Token (ELV) in constant growth and positioning, that is to say, that our value in the Cryptographic market will be exponential and organic thanks to the growing community day by day and will be able to respond to sustain these prices with the volumes coming from our technological development represented in E-LEVEN BANK.


JUL – 2020
+ Idea Identification (Token-Broker)

AUG – 2020
+ Formation of the Initial Team

SEP – 2020
+ Feasibility Analysis

OCT – 2020
+ Definition of the Technical Standard (Token)

NOV – 2020
+ Definition of the Brokerage Model

DEC – 2020
+ Creation of Initial Development

JAN – 2021
+ Expert Team Integration

FEB – 2021
+ Integration of the Commercial Team

MAR – 2021
+ Creation of the Token (ELV)

APR – 2021
+ Phase 1: Private Sale

MAY – 2021
+ Phase 2: Pre-Ico Sale
*Bounty Program Launch

JUN – 2021
+ Phase 3: Pre-Ico Sale

JUL – 2021
+ Launch on the 1 first exchange

AUG – 2021
+ Integration with E-leven Bank (Broker)

SEP – 2021
+ Launch of Social Trading

OCT – 2021
+ Launch of E-leven App

NOV – 2021
+ (ELV) as a deposit for E-leven Bank

DEC – 2021
+ Launch of E-leven Wallet

JAN – 2022
+ Launch of E-leven Exchange

FEB – 2022
+ CRM, Custom Brokerage Solutions *E-leven Bank

MAR – 2022
+ E-leven card integration

APR – 2022
+ Launch of E-leven ECommerce

MAY – 2022
+ Launch of E-leven Pay

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