HiveNet aims to enable public decentralization of the cloud computing industry and empowerment of computer owners globally.HiveNet

What is HiveNet

HiveNet is a Distributed Cloud Computing Network, which connects computers all around the world to perform valuable computing tasks. ​Can you imagine your computer earning money while you sleep?

HiveNet turns your computer’s idle times into an income!

During these times your computer’s power is securely rented out to paying customers who perform their calculations (e.g. scientific research, weather forecast, big data analysis).

HiveNet will provide the technological solution to utilize these idle computer times by building up computers. This allows renting out computing power while still ensuring security against potential For cloud computing customers.

HiveNet will be much cheaper than traditional providers because HiveNet will utilize existing idle resources and thereby saves on most relevant cost drivers, Computer owners will receive a fair share from customer payments, depending on the provided amount of resources.


Computing is still so expensive because any increase of capacities requires investment into At the same time, all around the clock and all around the world, there are countless idle computers.Private computers are in most cases only used for a few hours per day, if at all.Creating an isolated environment on the computer, which will allow renting out computing power to HiveNet isn’t only great for computer owners.

Benefits of HiveNet
Computer Owners
How many hours per day are you actually using your computer? Just imagine your computer earning you some profit during the rest of the day. HiveNet makes it possible by securely delivering valuable computing tasks of paying customers to your computer. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.
HiveNet is much cheaper than traditional cloud computing. How? Because many important cost levers that apply to traditional providers (e.g. Amazon Web Services) don’t apply for HiveNet, because it utilizes idle times of already available computers. So, there is no need to invest in new computers, housing, and many other operational costs.
Crypto Traders
HiveNet has its own inherent cryptocurrency: the HiveCoin. HiveCoins are used to pay for computing power within the HiveNet. Hereby an ongoing demand for HiveCoins is ensured and will create one of the few cryptocurrencies with a real, fundamental value, which provides excellent short- and long-term opportunities for traders.
HiveNet increases the usage of available computers. Thereby fewer resources are consumed to build new computers and less electronic garbage is created. Also, the HiveNet Blockchain is using a highly economic Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which is much more resource-saving than most available blockchains.
HiveNet Work Structure
How it works
HiveNet User Client
The HiveNet User Client is the user’s all-in-one tool and includes the computing, blockchain and wallet software modules. It enables an easy and user-friendly handling without the need for profound technological know-how.
HiveNet Blockchain
The HiveNet Blockchain is secured by a highly efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. It is specifically optimized for the HiveNet and combines high security with fast transactions.
HiveNet Task Management System (HTMS)
The HTMS is the core technology of the HiveNet’s decentralized cloud computing network. It ensures the optimal orchestration of customer tasks, the secure validation of computing results and the fair payment of computer owners.

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Cryptocurrencies are a solution to today’s banking system issues.



Know more about CoinCasso Token

The blockchain is a cutting edge innovation which is changing the world economy. Those allow instant, secure, anonymous payments all over the world and help to prevent corruption and money laundering.

Cryptocurrency payments are transparent, independent from third parties (such as banks) and allow to reduce transaction costs. Cryptocurrencies impact on the present and the future world are unquestionable, as they are going to change various industries, including medicine, economy, politics, law, and many more.

Cryptographic forms of money are an answer to the present financial framework issues. Digital forms of money effectively take care of these issues, as they are free of outsiders, for example, budgetary establishments and governments.

The entire thought of digital money gave clients monetary opportunity with regards to the cash itself, just as sending or trading it.

Because of digital forms of money, the world started to move far from the banks and the whole budgetary weight, and afterward, it worked out that most cryptographic money trades began to do likewise as the banks up until now.

In digital money exchanges, there is an impressive dimension of security, ensured by blockchain.

The universe of digital forms of money has developed in quality, there has been a great deal of new monetary forms.

Right now, there are around 2000-3000 convertible digital forms of money, however, a few trades began to carry on like banks.


The blockchain is a modern technology which is changing the world economy.

Cryptocurrency transactions, which are based on blockchain technology, affect the economy on a global scale. Cryptocurrency payments are transparent, independent from third parties and allow to significantly reduce transaction costs.

Cryptocurrencies impact on the present and the future world are unquestionable, as they are going to drastically change various industries, including medicine, economy, politics, law, and many more.

Cryptocurrency exchanges – this is a fundamental tool in the present world, where you can buy/sell and earn on transactions with cryptocurrencies.

It is proved by the number of cryptocurrency exchanges and their importance nowadays.

CoinCasso wants to introduce you to the new cryptocurrency exchange platformCoinCasso, which shares profits with its users for their engagement in developing the industry.


New decentralized economy
The main problems of a banking system are significant costs of loans and bank services, as well as administrative and bureaucracy barriers. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, the world began to move away from the banks and the entire financial burden, and then it turned out that most cryptocurrency exchanges started to do the same as the banks so far.
Cryptocurrency exchanges
Crypto exchanges decide about adding tokens, removing tokens, which have a bad impact on the industries. Exchange platforms decide which projects will be recognized by users. Exchanges do not reward users who support the development of the industry.
Centralized vs decentralized exchanges
Centralized exchanges work similarly to traditional stock exchanges.

Such exchanges only provide the possibility of trading, without storing private information about users.

In today’s world there are no suitable technologies and therefore, there is no possibility to create a decentralized exchange that will work smoothly and execute a huge amount of instant transactions per second.

Some decentralized exchanges work on smart contracts and allow adding tokens without verification, which causes that projects with suspicious levels of trust are added to exchanges.

99% of cryptocurrency transactions take place on centralized exchanges.

While decentralized exchanges only offer transactional cryptocurrencies, the latter allows for the exchange of a monetary currency into a cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Decentralized exchanges allow only payments in cryptocurrencies, and centralized ones ensure the use of traditional payments.

CoinCasso Solutions
The CoinCasso project is a holistic and democratic solution created for people.

Their view is completely different because They want the community to be able to decide and influence the development of our exchange and the entire industry.

Their goal is to create an exchange that does not duplicate the mistakes of other exchanges and will act on the basis of what the community wants.

They want to offer a more transparent product, open to new projects in the blockchain industry, They want to develop the market holistically.

They reward CoinCasso users for the actions taken in order to develop our project and the entire industry.

They want to create large crypto-society around the world, by providing innovative solutions based on blockchain technology.

They believe in creating a better future in money transfer and exchange services.


CoinCasso is a multifunctional, multi-layered design and hybrid exchange that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. The goal is to create, above all, a hybrid exchange, a still centralized exchange, which is the central unit that manages and develops the entire project, but one that gives users the ability to decide which tokens and which coins will appear on the exchange and what services will be offered.

CoinCasso is more than just an exchange, it is a multi-layer product. The profit which shares with active users will come from the following parts of the project:

■ CoinCasso Exchange 2.0,
■ CoinCasso Pay Wallet App,
■ Quick exchange,
■ Payment gateway,
■ A network of ATMs,
■ PoS – payment terminal.

CoinCasso Exchange CCX Token holders will have the greatest impact on the introduction of new currencies and innovations.

Further, having CCX tokens will activate the memberships and key benefits will be:
● Passive and active influence on the implementation of innovations,
● The right to vote, decide on changes in the operation of the exchange – among others about adding tokens and structural changes on the entire platform,
● Precedence in listing new currencies,
● The possibility of exchanging CCX for services offered by the company,
● Discounts for transaction fees – up to 50%,
● The possibility of receiving bonuses for membership, from the division of 80% of profits,
● Larger commissions on the affiliate program – up to 50%.

Core Features

● A powerful number of transactions per second with the possibility of increasing this amount in times of overload
● Trade margin
● 9 Types of order in a trading
● Optimized UI/UX
● Trusted ICO/STO Provider
● Profits and bonuses for CCX holders
● Currency FIAT, Corporate/ Personal tokens supported
● 24/7 Users Support
● High-Security Level


User safety
95% of users’ funds are protected on the CoinCasso OU cold wallet with additional security. It results in a higher level of protection against the theft of tokens. The security of FIAT protection is provided by banks cooperating with CoinCasso OU.

The platform is to provide a security process to user accounts. Log in to the account after is carried out after additional 2FA verification or SMS. In some cases, there is further confirmation required by e-mail.

The entire log-in history is available to users. All transactions made by our platform are saved and shared in a user-friendly format. Private data is encrypted. The latest technologies protect the server against falls and burglary. Third companies will test the servers, interaction nodes and the results published.

API Integration
An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software-to-software interface that enables two applications to exchange data among each other. API integration covers:
● Order Book and Trades
● Tickers
● User
● Merchant connection
● User to User transfers
● Internal and External payment gateway
● Mobile app – user – exchange connection (limited by the amount of funds)
● Robots trading (in the last stage)
● ATM network – user – wallets – exchange
Quick buy and sell
This service will give the opportunity to express the exchange of FIAT and digital currencies.

Next, it will be connected to our proprietary API, which will also facilitate the exchange and processing of transactions with merchants and their ATM network. It will be also the most friendly exchange environment for beginners.

Fee Structure
Low transactional percentages for our users will allow for a large number of transactions.
Standard commissions for each transaction amount to 0.25%

CCX-POWER holders and partners will exempt from trading fees up to 50%.

FIAT currency
Accept PLN, USD, EUR, GBP but in the future, also planning to add more FIAT currencies.

The project is fully licensed, which gives us a lot more possibilities in the field of FIAT currency exchange. The ability to exchange all tokens on FIAT with just one click.

Payment Gateway
Fully compatible with API, it will change virtually every website, including this built on WordPress, to the possibility of making payments in cryptocurrencies.

A development plan has the scope of creating our own payment gateway as well as plug-ins for the most popular and extensive merchant systems such as WOOCOMMERCE, PRESTASHOP, SHOPIFY or OPENCART.

Acceptable tokens
The platform enables and supports the conduct of Trusted ICO. Help companies wanting to bring tokens into the world with sales. CoinCasso guarantees ICO control of the company, obtaining tokens and reviewing smart contracts to meet ICO conditions.

After a successful campaign, the tokens go to the exchange for bidding. All new coin lists outside the initial ones require additional evaluation.

CCX holders will have the right to vote and decide which of the planned tokens they want. Coins of an entirely new project or less known in global markets will be added on demand in the first place in pairs to CCX. If you or your project is based or a token or coin and you have a problem placing it on the market, this is another reason why you should get a CCX.

The promotion costs are very high, which is why they have created an affiliate program for our verified users who, by recommending our platform, will be able to benefit from participation in profits generated by registered members. By this feature, will be able to gain even more customers faster and expand the society, finally, grow volume and will generate higher profits for the whole company.


CURESToken assemble is at the period of attracting speculations for the progression of the endeavor.

  • Name: CoinCasso Token
  • Abbreviation: CoinCasso
  • Ticker/Identifier: CCX
  • Max Coins: 100.000.000
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Address: 0x395dc9a82e3eef962b0355a3d4e6819e9af776d2

Be the part of revolutionary exchange platform.

Join Token Sale


+ License – Company Cryptocurrency License issued

+ Beta Exchange – CoinCasso Exchange Beta Open to members

+ End Pre-sale – CCX Token Pre-sale End, Company takes $5M

+ Exchange Release – CoinCasso Exchange 2.0

+ Rewards – Profit Rewards for CCX holders

+ ATM Network – First ATM Network Run

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Receive the CARE that you deserve


About CURESToken
CURES offering a general medical community of administrations accessible to patients, human services suppliers and those working in the field of medical industry, with help of decentralized platform.

Medical costs are rising so quick in cutting edge economies that they will wind up exorbitant by mid-century without changes, as indicated by another OECD report.

CURES Token offering decentralizing the health care system, empowering patients, Health App developers, Medical Service Providers, and Equipment Suppliers, embracing innovative technology in order to reduce costs and maximize scarce resources within the sector, creating near virtual competition, capitalizing on synergy which in turn adds value to all relevant stakeholders.

Know more about CURESToken

CURES TOKEN (CRS) is based on the following Factors

App store for Health apps (HAPP store)
Offering apps aimed at improving eyesight, vision, and quality of life, and nurturing any developer to list their health apps free of charge.
Electronic Health Records
Patients can take control over their data enabling remote consultations, obtaining second opinions which all go to alleviate the tremendous burden the Healthcare system is experiencing, by reducing waiting lists and visits.
Health assurance platform
Innovative future contracts concept allows for both specific contracts and generic contracts.
Marketplace and trust review platform
An essential element is to create a genuine trust review system, whereby, once a transaction has been completed through the blockchain, only the recipient is allowed to post a review – good or bad.
Trading platform
Traders, eliminating long supply chains, helping reduce costs.
Charitable trust fund
A separate legal entity, funded with 5% of the token supply.

Features of CURESToken
CURES represent a universal native Token: the CURES is the fuel that will power all services the CUREStoken ecosystem provides. When you buy CURES, you unlock full-service abilities of their decentralized marketplace and trust review platform, trading platform, HAPP store, health assurance system and medical records.

Tokens for Products and Services
As Crypto Token users can pay for products and services on all their platforms.
Tokens as an Asset
As a tradable Crypto Token on the open market.


CURESToken assemble is at the period of attracting speculations for the progression of the endeavor.

  • Name: CURES Token
  • Abbreviation: CURES
  • Ticker/Identifier : CRS
  • Currency Accepted: ETH
  • Pre Sell Start Date: December 1st 2018
  • Pre Sell End Date: February 28th 2019
  • Max Coins: 500.000.000
  • Token Type: ERC20

Be the part of revolutionary healthcare platform.

Join Token Sale


Q1 2018
+ CURES idea was born
+ Research in the Healthcare problems
+ Research in the Blockchain

Q2 2018
+ Deep research for problem solutions
+ Mark project goals & investigate the market
+ Search for developers

Q3 2018
+ Launch CURES Website alpha
+ Search for Partners and Advisors

Q4 2018
+ Launch CURES Website full version
+ Whitepaper release
+ Launch HAPP store alpha version with their own in-house developed HAPPs
+ Launch private token sale
+ Launch token pre-sale

Q1 2019
+ Launch main token sale
+ Distribute the tokens
+ Launch the marketplace and trust review platform with a minimum of 100 approved medical service providers globally – alpha
+ Launch HAPP store beta version and ongoing recruitment of developers and new applications
+ Launch the EHR (Electronic Health Records) – alpha version (medical data storing and encryption function)

Q2 2019
+ Launch the trading platform with a minimum of 100 approved medical equipment suppliers globally – alpha
+ Launch the EHR (Electronic Health Records) beta version (full functionality including trading and monetizing)
+ Ensure CURES is listed on at least 5 major exchanges

Q3 2019
+ Launch the beta version (full functionality) of the marketplace and trust review platform
+ Launch the beta version (full functionality) of the trading platform

Q4 2019
+ Ongoing recruitment of medical service providers (MSP) and medical equipment suppliers (MES) for the applicable platforms, which now offer full business functionality.

Q2 2020
+ Launch the health assurance platform allowing medical futures trading – alpha version

Q4 2020
+ Launch the health assurance platform beta version (full functionality)

2021 onwards
+ Ongoing development of the available platforms, an addition of new services (both free and payable), marketing and advertising, community building, recruitment of users and community members.

+ Legal incorporation of the charitable trust fund and launch of project selection rounds

+ Charitable trust fund – launch of project selection rounds

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Blockchain technology is an indeed innovative and revolutionary, we believe it is the future, but there are still things to be perfect. Two of those things are costs and energy efficiency. BATMINE


BATMINE is more than just another crypto mine. It is Blockchain Applied Technology (BAT) at its best, crafted by skilled Cyber artisans and Blockchain professionals based in Bulgaria. BATMINE creating the most advanced, profitable, fastest and sustainable cryptocurrency mine that ever existed.

BATMINE have a great solution for the future environment of industry which will be based on the Blockchain platform. As we are taking blockchain technology as very concern for future development, we have to keep a few things in consideration and these are cost and energy.


Company Overview
Blockchain Applied Technology Ltd
Mara Gidik street N21, et,1
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria

And it’s 100% subsidiary company Blockchain Applied Technology Ltd., Rybna 24, 110 00 Praha 1, The Czech Republic.

Mining Industry Overview

There are several ways to get involved in crypto mining

Home Mining

Home mining is currently not profitable, mostly due to the high electricity cost.

Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining is suitable for mostly private individual mining.
Cloud Mining is often not transparent:

  • No control over the equipment and its maintenance;
  • No contact with the equipment suppliers, no overview of pricing and equipment models;
  • No knowledge of the real mining capacity;
  • No overview of spending and costs;
  • Often the location of the Mining Facility is anonymous.

Industrial Mining Farm

Industrial Mining functions as a corporate business facility.
These methods have their advantages and limitations.

  • Industrial Mining is expensive and requires a higher level of expertise and resources.
  • Significant investments in equipment and infrastructure are required for profitable mining.
  • High volumes of electricity are used. Even though electricity is bought wholesale, the amounts are still high.
  • IT Mining experts and other specialists are needed to work full time on the Mining Farm.

The BatMine Strategy

The Company will initially mine BTC, LTC, ETH, and a mix of proof-of-work based coins and scrypt algorithm based coins. Which exact coins they mine depend on the assessment of the profitability per coin over the current and projected future period.

Mining of Cryptocurrency
Mining is a competitive activity and therefore sustainability and profitability of the mine are the key importance. Miners need to be replaced regularly and with miners with ever-increasing computing power to handle the growing difficulty level. For this reason, 25% of all profit will be used to replace broken miners with newer and stronger ones as they become available, and 20% of all profit will be used, in correlation with partners, to develop the next generation of miner chips and miners, so that BatMine can remain competitive and earn on revenue from chip and miner sales too.

Mining as a Service (MaaS)

MaaS services can only be obtained through BATM tokens which ensures continuous usage of the tokens. BatMine will provide the hash power to their customers they require to mine crypto-coins with dedicated MaaS miners.
packages include:

  • Dedicated miner(s) installed at state-of-the-art co-location in a safe jurisdiction,
  • Specialized technicians managing the miners 24/7/365,
  • Continuously provided electricity,
  • High-speed Internet connection,
  • 24/7 access to users miner results,
  • Monthly distribution of users mined profits.

Custodial Services
Mine different coins at the same time (pending technical ability of your miners) Custodial services from BatMine are simple and straightforward.

  • You either buy miners or send your equipment.
  • Highly skilled technicians install the miners.
  • Operate, maintain and manage,
  • Every month distribute all mined coins minus a fixed fee per month for the Custodial Services package per miner.

Hardware Sales
Work with the main vendors that provide with their state-of-the-art mining equipment. In addition, also develop and market own miners and chips which will offer to wholesale and retail customers.

Revenue Distribution

The BatMine revenue distribution model is simple and straightforward.
BatMine will generate revenues from:

  1. Mining of cryptocurrency,
  2. Mining-as-a-Service
  3. Custodial Services,
  4. Hardware sales.

The profit (income in mined cryptocurrency + received fiat/crypto -/- costs and tax reserve) is distributed as follows:

  • 30% is distributed to our Silent Partners that invested in the project, for a period of 10 years (until March 2029),
  • 33% is used to replace hardware,
  • 20% is used for further development of our own miners, and
  • 17% remains in the Company and will be used for other Company cost and expansion.

In the case at times less hardware replacement or R&D costs are needed than the dedicated percentages of the distributable revenues, then these gains are shared 50-50 between the Silent Partners and BatMine.

All revenues are distributed monthly on the 15th (or the first working day after) of the month following the previous calendar month. Revenues are distributed in the currency in which they are received from the market. Hence BTC revenue is paid in BTC, ETH in ETH, and EUR in EUR. If it will be possible they will develop smart contracts for automatic distribution.


Token Information: BATM Tokens are utility tokens that can be exchanged for all BatMine services including exchanging them for mining services and custodial services.

  • Token name: BitMine
  • Symbol: BATM
  • Decimals: 18
  • Type: ERC20
  • Technology: Ethereum
  • Token use: BATM Tokens are utility tokens that can be exchanged for all BatMine services
  • Purchase options: ETH
  • Purchase options: 750 BATM Tokens are gifted to investors for every 1 ETH invested.
  • Unsold tokens: Non-sold and/or non-distributed tokens will be burned
  • Hard cap: 19,000,000 EUR in ETH
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR in ETH
  • ICO duration: 02.01.2019 to March
  • ICO Time schedule: 02.01.2019 – March
  • Bonuses: (Whitelisted participants only) up to 20%
  • Lock up: All tokens will be locked up until the end of the ICO (until March) or after the Hard Cap is reached, plus 15 days.
  • Silent Partnership Agreement (SPA): Silent Partnership Agreements will be electronically signed with every participant. Silent Partnership Agreements are transferable.

BATM Tokens will be Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens for accessing service offered by BatMine.


Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

Profit Distribution

Partner / User Incentives

In exchange for Bounty Tokens, investors must become a valuable member of BatMine community. The more you help to promote and advance the concept the bigger “Proof of Care” allocation you will receive.

Road Map

  • Q4 2017  Conception of the idea to do an ICO. (Market research into ICOs and into legal options of profit sharing with investors. Verification of Silent Partnership Framework with the Czech National Bank.)
  • Q1 2018  Market research, concept brainstorming.
  • Q2 2018 Project concept formulation, Market research, Gathering information on the newest technology, Profit sharing concept, First ICO Drafts
  • Q3 2018 ICO preparation, Whitepaper, Investment Agreement, Website etc.
  • Q4 2018 ICO finalization, preliminary contact with institutional investors.
  • Q1 2019 ICO execution
  • Q2 2019 Location for the mine, Electricity connection, Purchase of the needed Equipment, all setup- and preparatory activities, installation of first miners.
  • Q3 2019 Miners installed and mining. First profit sharing.

More Information

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People across the world work hourly in the rapidly evolving economy and technology but unfortunately not all of them were paid on-demand to meet their needs on the time and workchain is going to revolutionizing the old method of payroll system with automated payroll system on Blockchain.WorkChain

Know more about

Introduction aims to make works earn in cryptocurrency possible with instant paycheck from the moment they clock out and this gives financial control that everyone deserves. Workchain provides following framework to solve the existing old payroll system.

  • WorkID – Unique ID for each worker with immutable CV with verified details of the worker.
  • WorkPay – Enable real time payment for works on
  • WorkPay Advance – Enable less risky access to peer to peer loans with verified credit history for works. is a distributed, decentralized blockchain-based public ledger that replaces slow traditional payroll cycles with real-time cryptocurrency payroll. By building unified, immutable and verified work and payment records, creates a framework that connects all the steps of payroll into one simple and efficient flow from work completion to payout, building a new ecosystem along the way.

For workers, it means instant access to earnings – their paycheck on-demand. For employers, it provides an advanced, automated payroll solution that is efficient, cost-effective and ends the reliance on third-party processors and banks.


Platform Architecture will provide a unified interface to collect and store work, educational and payment records through a model that incentivizes parties to provide the records as well as verify the authenticity of them. While any record can be added to by an entity, the validity of a record must be confirmed through the platform’s Trust Score.

The primary focus and utility of lie in the immutability of its data, which will be achieved through blockchain-based Ethereum smart contracts, distributed data storage, and the platform’s node-accessible frontend which forms the platform’s domain logic – the way in which its data is created, stored and changed.

The Ethereum Public Ledger
Ethereum, on which is built, is a decentralized software platform that enables Turing-complete smart contracts and Distributed Applications (DApps) to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control or involvement from a third-party. is a central technology layer built on top of the public Ethereum blockchain, then upon this exists a third layer for the Application Ecosystem.

Smart Contracts
The smart contracts Ethereum creates will control agreements between users and entities to form records on, executing a “handshake” between the two parties to verify the data being recorded based on the platform’s defined conditions, and automatically enforcing the obligations of the two parties as encoded in the smart contract.

Technology Partners recognizes that there is a broad ecosystem of web 2.0 and 3.0 platforms that already provide solutions to some of the needs of this project. They will partner and integrate with these leading established solutions so that they can remain focused on their core mission of unlocking new and better ways for employees to find work and access capital.

Primary Sectors for technology partners:

  • Identity
    In addition to their own internal platform validations for identity such as email, SMS, and social media profiles, we will work with external providers to further ensure individuals’ identities and assign unique use addresses on
  • Skill Assessment / Validation
    Verified skills are vital to forming a trusted professional profile for individuals. These records currently exist on LinkedIn but are unreliable. Decentralized professional social networking platform Indorse is just one integration solution that will be used to create trusted skill verification through validated shared work histories of individuals.
  • Education Verification
    Academic qualifications on LinkedIn or in CVs are difficult to verify because education histories are typically disconnectedly stored by issuing institutions. will integrate with education and degree verification services to connect education histories to form verified education records fundamental to trusted professional identities.

Market Strategy

  • Integration Partners / Mainstream Adoption
  • WorkPuls
  • And more to come.
  • User and Partner Incentivization Programs
  • Users – With our proprietary user-incentivization application users can be rewarded on the platform for signing up, referrals,etc.
  • Partners – An additional revenue stream as well as value-add service to their existing business.

Developement Stages

  • Stage 1 – Early Adopters / Proof of Concept
  • will switch to full workPAY, alongside pilot users from 5 additional businesses.
  • Adoption by successfully-funded ICO companies to pay their employees in crypto. Available only to companies with 4+ rated ICO that successfully raised in the past 12 months.
  • Based on industry data, this is $250m in payroll (crypto, fiat and tokens) that can be processed via, with potential $5m annual revenue. (source)
  • Stage 2 – Employees First – Integrating with established payroll and workforce management companies to connect with established systems to provide immediate utility to employees.
  • Stage 3 – Partnerships — Partner with on-demand/gig work providers to enable instant payouts for their workers.
  • Stage 4 – Businesses — As the technology advances, completely replace outdated payroll solutions businesses rely on today with workPAY.

Specification App Token (“WATT”)

Your Membership Token to the Future of Payroll

The transactions made through the ecosystem and the interoperability of its applications will be powered by the platform’s native utility token, App Tokens (‘WATT’, ‘WATT Token’).

The functionality of WATT Tokens will naturally expand over time in step with the adoption and growth of As the number of users on the platform grows, so will the utility and common product use of WATT Tokens.

Token Information:

  • Supply : 1,000,000,000
  • Symbol : WATT
  • Decimals : 18
  • Type : ERC20
  • Technology : Ethereum
  • Address : 0x829a4ca1303383f1082b6b1fb937116e4b3b5605

WATT Tokens will be Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens that have intrinsic value and can be sent and received on the blockchain. Some of the advantages of using the ERC20 token format include:

  • Transferability of ERC20 tokens to other DAppChains
  • Broad adoption of wallets and exchanges
  • Strong community of the Ethereum blockchain makes ERC20 reliable
  • Ethereum has scaling plans that will enable faster transactions
  • Security and dependability – Ethereum is the second most prominent blockchain network


Workchain Distribution

Token Vesting team is in this for the long run.

All tokens will be vested transparently through smart contracts. Their token model further encourages long-term staking (12 months-plus) by protocol participants.


Staking is the primary use for WATT Tokens, enabling different participants access to the network and to perform more work on based on the size of the stake.

Primary Parties and their benefits in Staking WATT Tokens.

Work Token Model

A service provider stakes WATT Token to earn the right to perform work for the network.

Workchain Staking Application Users (“Users”)
WATT Tokens will be a membership token that acts like a software license key, unlocking access to the platform and its various features. Users will always be required to have at least one token to access the platform.

With the upcoming launch of our workPAY and workPAY ADVANCE products, priority access and prime borrowing opportunities will be given to users who stake the most WATT Tokens. Business Users (“Employers”)
In order to get real-time payroll for their employees, businesses will not need to pay monthly subscription, but they will need to stake a number of tokens relative to the number of their employees that are on the platform.

Work Record Validators (“Validators”)

Validators are third-party systems that can provide Proof of Work Records that someone has completed their work. For example time and attendance, or time tracking systems such as or

Similar to API Service Fees, Validators will be required to stake more tokens for the right to do more work on the Platform.

Through the work performed, Validators, will have the potential to earn an additional income stream for their business through rewards earned for their work on the network.

Fund Providers (“Lenders”)

Lenders on the platform can be any party. For example, an institutional lender, an Employer, or User with extra capital that they would like to use to generate an investment return.

In order to get first in line to lend their money, and to secure the best rates for their loaned funds, Lenders will need to stake more tokens. Priority goes to those with the largest stake. And more money lent equals more interest earned.

Value Exchange

WATT Tokens enable secure and verified transactions – the sharing of value – between individuals and entities on WATT Tokens are vital to the adoption, functionality and future mainstream success of

Writing Data

WATT Tokens will be earned by entities and individuals who provide trusted data to to build the platform’s records. A reward for trusted, verified data.

Verifying Data

WATT Tokens will be awarded to users who verify data shared on In this way, WATT Tokens work alongside the Trust Score Protocol as an internal measure of quality for the verification of data.

More Work = More Revenue

All ecosystem revenue is split between and Workers (lenders and work validators) that make the transaction possible.

  • Small transaction fees (<5%) on all services and applications used on our platform.
  • A % of loan interest collected directly in stable coin.
  • WATT tokens collected and resold when used in transactions.
  • Transaction fee revenue share on our payroll debit/visa cards when used at merchants (Merchant Fees).

Ecosystem Revenue Model Scenario

  • Substantial opportunity for revenue growth from transactions as # of users increases
  • As demand increases more tokens are required to stake
  • Revenue split to workers is meaningful to facilitate adoption and further network demand

Partner / User Incentives

Quality data is what will fuel the creation of trusted records and rapid user adoption of the platform. With this in mind, a sizeable percentage of the total WATT Token supply will be allocated as incentives to users and partners to drive platform growth and adoption.

  • User Incentivization
    Individual users who build up their workID profiles, integrate their accounts with third parties, refer users and validate data on will be rewarded with WATT Tokens.
  • Partner Incentivization
    To build the vibrant partner ecosystem, platform partners that onboard their trusted user data to build work records will be rewarded with WATT Tokens.

For both partners and users, WATT Tokens are logged in a user’s wallet as they’re earned. And then can be put back to immediate work through accessing the functionality of the platform. This makes the token wallet an intrinsic part of platform use – not a static side-product like with many blockchain projects.

Product Road Map

Q3 2017 Project Starts

Q4 2017   Application Development Begins

Q1 2018 Closed Alpha Version Release Public Release of Vision

Q2 2018   White Paper Released Public Beta on Blockchain

  • Product Launch #1: World’s First Immutable CV Created with workID

Q3 2018   First integration with Proof of Work applications First workPAY Test Transactions

Q4 2018   Additional Integration with Proof of Work Applications SDK for Proof of Stake Records

  • Product Launch #2: First Salaries Paid Through workPAY

Q1 2019   Onboarding Employers workPAY ADVANCE Beta Release

Q2 2019   Product Launch #3: workPAY ADVANCE Lending Application Launch

Q3 2019   Switch to Fully Decentralized Model

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CARBONCHAINTM Nature Friendly Blockchain


CarbonChain aims to develop its own blockchain ledger on carbon reduction projects – such as a wind farm, solar park etc. in order to assist countries to prove to the rest of the world how they are assisting towards their climate change targets in the Paris Agreement CarbonChain monetizes the future carbon credit value on carbon reduction projects using a cryptocurrency called ‘CarbonChain’ and registers new projects with the United Nations which enable liquidity in the business cycle Registered projects can generate carbon credits for up to 28 years.

Because of the Paris Agreement commencing in 2020, the projected value of carbon credits is expected to increase exponentially (see graph). All sales of carbon credits from the Company are traded in CarbonChain Tokens; 30% of which have to be purchased from token holders via Crypto Exchanges ensuring constant trading of the token. CarbonChain is developing a blockchain system that will ensure that full accountability for the life of the carbon credit is monitored, thus ensuring no double accounting takes place whilst providing an evidence based blockchain ledger. On an annual basis, token holders are offered the 30% traded tokens back, at a transaction cost only fee.

CarbonChainTM will help countries to ‘prove’ to the rest of the world how they are achieving their climate change targets in the Paris Agreement.

CarbonChainTM has created an incentivizing global carbon emission reduction program that allows every citizen in the world to take part in the trading of carbon credits and thus allow the development of such a blockchain system. This technology will be an  ‘evidenced based system’, that can be used to determine what, where and when benefits towards climate change happen and ‘prove it’.

CarbonChain’s vision is to create a highly secure and highly scalable decentralized blockchain infrastructure for next generation carbon trading. We intend to make it possible for anyone in the world to participate in the ecosystem through the CarbonChain Coin (CCC). CarbonChain will proportionally distribute 30% of generated revenue from Carbon Credit sales to token holders and supporters of our project. Countries all over the world are introducing a Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade system and this is an ideal mechanism to secure a tax and carbon offset in accordance with their commitments to the Paris Agreement.

CarbonChain  aims to find viable solutions to the climate change issues through: transparency, innovation, and sustainability. CarbonChain is confident that blockchain technology and our eco-friendly solutions will enable for a social, environmental, sustainable, and a meaningful difference to the impact of climate change.


The Participant of the Members Only Exchange can then either place the Carbon Chain Tokens on public cryptocurrency
Exchanges at the full price or hold the Tokens.

Carbon Chain Token

  • Token : Carbon Chain Token
  • Token Symbol : CCT
  • Token price : 1 CCT = 10¢ Eth
  • Total supply : 550,000,000 CCT
  • Technology : Ethereum
  • Token Utility : Purchasing Carbon Credits

Private Sale

  • Hard cap : $7.260M
    121,000,000 CCT will be issued for purchase
  • Limits : Minimum : 0.01 ETH
    Maximum : 50 ETH
  • Objective : Fund marketing for the Crowd Sale
  • Private Sale Start : Delayed – to be confirmed
    Initial price : 1 CCT = USD 0.06 / ETH/FIAT
    40% Discount + 10% bonus tokens
  • Soft cap : $480,000
    If not reached, private sale
    ETH/FIAT raised will be refunded.
  • Indicative Price :USD 0.06 per CCT
    (40% Discount)
  • Private Sale End: Delayed – to be confirmed

Crowd Sale

  • Hard cap : $22M
    220,000,000 CCT will be issued for purchase
  • Limits :  Minimum : 0.01 ETH
    Maximum : 50 ETH
  • Objective : Fund the Carbon Chain Block Chain
  • Crowd Sale Start : 21st November-2018 23.59 GMT
  • Initial price : 1 CCT = USD 0.10 / ETH/FIAT

Token Allocation

Participants in the Private Sale22%121,000,000
Executive Panel13%71,500,000
Carbon Chain Founders7% 38,500,000
Participants in the Crowdsale40%220,000,000
Team Members3%16,500,000
Pot "A" Company5%27,500,000


What is Carbon Chain ?
CarbonChain is a high throughput blockchain that aims to support countries and companies alike to achieve carbon reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement through, the creation and trade of carbon credits that have been generated from mitigation activities such as renewable energy projects.
What cryptocurrencies can CarbonChain Coins be purchased through?
Only BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium) and FIAT can be used to purchase CarbonChain Tokens.
What makes Carbon Chain different?
Most other ‘carbon or climate’ coins/tokens that are currently out there – relate mainly to ‘self-gratification’ – in so much as they only have a ‘feel good factor’. Ours, has both a ‘feel good factor’ – by assisting to combat climate change but, also have a benefit to the token holder through a “project token swop” via the trade of carbon credits to companies using them to reduce their carbon tax liabilities as well as strive to achieve the targets set under the Paris Agreement.
Why can CarbonChain realize the high carbon credit volumes?
Carbon Chain International have 3 different contractual agreements – one is a simple ERPA – Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement – buying credits from a registered VCS or CDM project. The second is to fund the generation of credits from a registered project activity – this will involve such things as the implementation of monitoring parameters and, lastly a ‘green field’ contract to register the renewable energy project and demonstrate host country sustainability goals in order to generate carbon credits which we would own rather than buy.
How has CarbonChain secured on going carbon credit generation?
With the knowledge base that we have within the company – we have access to a better understanding of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. As such, the company can seek to take advantage of the ‘lack of transparency and understanding’ surrounding the relation between the closure of the Kyoto Protocol and adoption of the Paris Agreement.

More Information
My Bounty0x  Username: Crypton 
ETH Address

Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Exchange


About Encrybit
Encrybit is a research based modern cryptocurrency exchange with an attractive UI and is fully equipped with a plethora of advanced features. The ENCX token administrate the operations of the Encrybit Ecosystem. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first crowd to to contribute in ENCX token sale.

Market Research
Encrybit provides users with extensive market research tools which include data analytics, trading strategies, trade signals, cryptocurrency news, social feeds and real-time coin announcements.
Modern User Interface
Encrybit is the first cryptocurrency exchange with a modern trading platform that sets it apart from the traditional style of exchanges available in the current market. The Encrybit UI/UX promises a trading experience like no other.
Transparent Policies
Encrybit developing transparent user policies with regards to the coin listing process, trading fee structure, airdrops and forks, so traders can anticipate how to deal with these events and take action to achieve the most favorable outcome.
Interactive Tech Tools
Encrybit is adding popular technical analysis tools for traders to study & analyze market movements and price action accurately on a single platform. Encrybit trading platform will minimize the use of API’s to trade on third party paid platforms.
Multilingual Support
Encrybit will initially be launched in English but will slowly be adapted to be fully supported by multiple language variants, which will include regional support teams. Immediate plans implements are in place to support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Italian. New language support will be included depending on the number of users from a particular country.
Encrybit is including ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 27001:2013 CSS (Cyber security standards) and CCSS (cryptocurrency security standards) for platform infrastructure. ISO/IEC 27001 specifies a management system to bring information security under management manifest control.

Features of Encrybit Exchange Platform
Encrybit R&D team is well organized to analyze cryptocurrency market and traders emotions about the cryptocurrency exchanges. To develop traders based exchange its important to point the traders challenges and expectation from the trading platform. Encrybit found the best way to identify the traders emotions.

Social Trading
Social trading will allow traders to follow, share and copy the trading strategy of other traders on the platform.
Broad Order Book
Advance version of order books facilitating the process to select best time to enter in trade for short term traders by availing in depth information of orders that is set for buy and sell.
Smart Alert
Utilizing smart alerts will allow traders to set notifications on price movements of coins at specific price levels, informing users through email and in-app notifications.
P/L Reports
Traders will be able to see profit and loss reports reports in BI(Business Intelligence) format, This will help them to make better trading strategies.
Crypto Radar
Analyze the price movement in certain amount of time with technical indicators to make excellent entries into trades.
Advanced Order Summery
Detail descriptions of your current orders, trade positions, portfolio data and ROI in both BTC and USDT values.
Coin Comparison
Compare up to three different coins with each other with line chart utilizing Relative Strength Comparison tool.
Instant access to news and social media updates on all the coins on your watchlist.
Chat & Discuss
Join coin specific chat rooms where traders can share their thoughts, screenshots and ideas for any coin. Each coin have its own chat group.
Screenshot & Share
Click photo of the trading screen and share it among social media or third party discussion portal. User can share it with Encrybit chat groups.
Multi Chart Layout
Traders will be able to view and analyze multiple coins (up to 6) charts in the same window.
Paper Trading
Paper trading will allows traders to trade using dummy money on live data. It will help traders to test their trading strategies and allowing beginners to self educate about trading.
Trailing Stop Loss
Users will be able to set trailing stop losses on their trades allowing them to automatically adjust stop loss as price action moves higher or lower.


Encrybit assemble is at the period of attracting speculations for the progression of the endeavor. Directly, a private offer of tokens has been pronounced, which will be held from 11/01/18 to 12/03/18, the principle deal will be accounted for some other time.

  • Name : Encrybit Token
  • Ticker/Identifier : ENCX
  • Currency Accepted : BTC/ETH
  • Min. Contribution : 50ETH
  • Private Sell Start Date : November 1st 2018
  • Private Sell End Date : December 3rd 2018
  • Max Coins: 270.000.000
  • Token Type: ERC20

Be the part of revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange.

Join Token Sale

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LoyalCoin is a new virtual currency that will replace traditional rewards points

Appsolutely Launches the LoyalPlatform, LoyalCoin and LoyalWallet; Using Blockchain to Usher in the New “Loyalty Economy”LYL Token

About LoyalCoin

LoyalCoin is the next generation of customer loyalty points, one that can be used in more ways than what was previously thought possible.

The LoyalCoin virtual currency is the asset that unleashes the full potential of customer loyalty. But just like any asset or object of value that needs the right technology to be used to its full potential, LoyalCoin is best carried on a platform that gives it the power to show all its features.

Main goal is use blockchain technology to open loyalty ecosystem where the consumer decides where and how he likes to redeem the rewards they’ve earned.


Appsolutely, the blockchain omnichannel loyalty solution, today unveiled its LoyalPlatform, LoyalCoin (LYL) and LoyalWallet, to unify the complex and disconnected $1.68 billion loyalty industry and ensure that the value of “rewards” is converted into commerce. The platform is the foundation for a new “Loyalty Economy,” a next generation ecosystem in which consumers can use a single currency (LYL) to redeem and exchange benefits from any participating brand, anytime and anywhere. Appsolutely’s technology provides an unprecedented opportunity for brands to engage and build stronger relationships with consumers.

Components of the Loyalty Economy

  • LoyalPlatform is the ecosystem from Appsolutely that will spearhead the Loyalty Economy. By using a virtual currency, digital wallet, a series of white-label applications and a coalition of supporting merchants, Appsolutely will change the current loyalty landscape into a value-focused, cryptocurrency-based rewards system that dwarfs traditional rewards programs. LoyalPlatform will help customers be more engaged with companies’ loyalty programs, while acquiring better rewards for their consumption.
  • LoyalCoin (LYL) is the token that serves as the official virtual currency of the new Loyalty Economy. The goal is for consumers to be able to earn and spend LYL whenever and wherever they prefer to buy goods and services from any participating merchant within Appsolutely’s Loyalty Economy. This creates an open loyalty ecosystem where the consumer decides where and how they’d like to redeem the rewards they’ve earned.
  • The LoyalWallet is a mobile app that enables brands and consumers to store and use LYL to redeem rewards and buy items from all participating merchants (not just one). The LoyalWallet provides expanded features such as the conversion of LYL to other currencies. Rewards recipients can even convert rewards into fiat currencies and cryptocurrency counterparts, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and many others. This app will enables sending and receiving payments to and from other LoyalWallet users, as well as from participating merchants and other companies who enabled the option to pay with LoyalCoin.


Redefining customer loyalty with these groundbreaking launches and technologies.

Proof of Concept
From November 2017 to January 2018, gaining support for LoyalCoin and lining up international pilot tests for LoyalWallet.

Public Launch
LoyalCoin, LoyalWallet, and LoyalCoalition – all rolled out in early 2018. The new loyalty economy begins to take root.

Bonus Features
In the middle of 2018, setting up additional features such as digital payment integrations and AI for rewards.

Global Markets
The world will be ready for our platform – and the revolution in the loyalty economy – over the next two years.


Universal Rewards
Earn LoyalCoin from one brand and use it everywhere else

Payment Gateway
Earn Use your rewards to pay for everything you want and need

Digital Asset Exchange
Exchange your rewards for other digital assets

Peer to Peer Transfer
Send and receive rewards to everyone else with LoyalCoin


What is LoyalCoin?
LoyalCoin is the customer loyalty-oriented digital asset that is replacing and enhancing the traditional rewards point systems currently have.

What are the features of LoyalCoin?
Like a traditional rewards point, LoyalCoin can be used to redeem rewards from any participating merchant. That way, your points from one merchant can be redeemed on every other merchant within the system. However, LoyalCoin can also be sent to and received from other people, used as payment for a user’s preferred merchant, and more.

Where do I store LoyalCoin?
LoyalCoin can be stored in the LoyalWallet, an app that enables the digital asset’s redemption, payment, and more features. LoyalCoin can also be stored in white label apps developing for participating merchants; these apps will carry a few of the features that LoyalWallet has. As LoyalCoin is also a NEM token, it can also be stored in any of the NEM official wallets.

How do I get LoyalCoin?
Upon the public launch of LoyalCoin and LoyalWallet, users earn LoyalCoin by buying products and services from merchants and shops that issue LoyalCoin, just like the way you earn points at a typical rewards program. In addition, as discussed above, the LoyalWallet allows you to buy more LoyalCoin. In addition, LoyalCoin will be offered prior to the launch of LoyalCoin and LoyalWallet. Will provide more details on this in the succeeding weeks.

When will the token generation event start?
Will reveal further details of the launch at a later date. Additional information about LoyalCoin will be inserted to the FAQs. Aside from our social media accounts, you can see more information about us on listing websites like this.

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Lately, innovation has unmistakably affected a few businesses. Organizations like Uber, AirBnB, and Netflix have been pioneers of change and interruption, rethinking the areas of transportation, convenience, and stimulation with new and imaginative business models. The managing an account industry, on the other hand, hasn’t seen much advancement and clients’ accounts are still responsible for a modest bunch of built up players that work in an exceptionally conventional form.

Be that as it may, with the progressions of innovation, development has been fast to fill the hole in fund – interfacing money and innovation (FinTech) to convey suggestions that better fit the requirements and needs of the populace. A few cases of these supposed FinTechs include: Transferwise, Betterment, Oscar, Lufax, ZhongAn, and so on. The bank of the future does not just offer installments with cryptographic forms of money yet in addition has a completely incorporated commercial center of FinTechs.




Change has partnered with the e-Residency project by the government of Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Change will be available to its projected 10 million e-Residents including Tim Draper and Edward Lucas.

Change is widely supported in the industry. Their mission to create a global FinTech network that defies the norms of traditional banking has inspired several big names to support them.

Vision for Future of Banking

Change mobile application starts with the e-Know-Your-Customer (KYC) platform. It can on-board users from anywhere in the world, in record-time and requesting no more than the necessary information. Change will automatically validate the users’ transactions with other third-party service providers through Tokenised KYC Information Sharing. Their quest towards finance without borders starts here, designing a modern bank that is global from day one.

A crypto wallet, engineered to break the norm and give users control over their cryptocurrencies in the most intuitive and easy way. Change’s application facilitates the storage of all major cryptocurrencies, easy management of crypto portfolios, simple
transfers of funds between peers, and a multitude of other functionalities.

Change’s very own cryptocurrency spending card brings cryptocurrencies to offline use. First 500 cards are given to first 500 token sale contributors of at least 50 ETH. In addition you will be earning rewards by paying with Change Tokens.

When it comes to traditional banks and their key financial products offering, banks are “Jacks of all trades, master of none”. Financial companies specialising on a single service offering, outperform banks but require separate onboarding. The comfort of getting all your financial services from a single source, has favoured traditional banks to win over specialised companies in the past. Change marketplace aggregates the best ways to invest, insure or lend and lets you use these services from a single interface & wallet.

Think of Change like an “AppStore” for specialised financial service companies that outperform your bank, while removing the need to sign up or deposit funds to these services individually. Invest in a diversified stock portfolio or real estate, finance loans, sign travel insurance – all from one seamless interface with complete transparency and zero delay.

Traditional banks have out-lived their time – sub-par consumer experience, not enough transparency, inability to cater to millennials’ lifestyle. Change aims to re-invent the way people manage their finances. More efficiency, more productivity and most of all transparency – means better results. In 2018, Change has set to launch the first global financial technology marketplace on blockchain.


A token sale is the sale of a new cryptocurrency or token created by a company to its earliest adopters, in exchange for funding for further development. It is a sophisticated and democratic way to raise funds, where every investor – big or small – can participate.

At Change, they are building the first global bank, providing a revolutionary service to people from all around the world. Our mission is to remove borders in the financial sector, and to ensure that every citizen has access to alternative financial services, finally ending the artificial monopoly created by local regulators and traditional banks.

As we are a bank for the people, we hold our community in high regard. We humbly invite anyone who shares our vision to join our movement and create Change.

Change is raising a total of 200,000 Ether. Investors can use Ether to enter the Token sale. Minimum investment: 0.5 ETH Exchange rate: 1ETH=500CAG

Early investors will be rewarded with discounts and exclusive access to a Change Maker status, and a premium Change Black card. The first 500 investors will receive a discount of 30%, with other pre-sale discounts to be announced.

More Information

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