TODAYCOIN – Today Image Coin(TODAY)

By in Altcoin, Scrypt on August 2, 2016


Earn 100% free Today coin I website launch for next 2,3 week Upload image and earn Today coin. For more detail go to

They have today coin 27440000 coins.

27000000 today coin they are giving for user for upload image earn today coin 100% free.

440000 today coin for development team.


What is plan for TodayCoin ?

What time to website launch ?

Today image is launch  September.1.2016

Who can Join TODAYCOIN ?

Anyone earn free todaycoin

– How to earn today coin for user ?

Any image upload and earn todaycoin

Any Image Link share any website and earn todaycoin pay per view


Algorithm : Scrypt

Reward Type : PoW

Block Reward : 7 Today

Supply :  39200000 Today

RPC port : 7870

P2P port : 7869

Maturity : 20 blocks

Target Spacing : 5 minutes

Target Timespan : 10 minutes

Confirmations :  6 blocks



Coming soon….

Block Explorer

More Information


To get more information kindly visit Bitcointalk Forum.

You will get updates about current cryptocurrency status information.

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Abhijit Kale
Abhijit Kale
3 years ago

Today Image Coin Going to launch by Sept. 1st, 2016.

3 years ago

how will you count impression of your image if i will display in my website .. how payout will be calculated , i cant find any email or contact  of  todaycoin’s admin


Coins Info
Coins Info
3 years ago
Reply to  Guest

Actually Todaycoin site still not give more details about such things as how will impression count or anything more related to image hosting. 

I will suggest you to go for forum to ask any question.

Coins Info
Coins Info
3 years ago

Good altcoin listed few days before with good road of decentralized image hosting .