Onecoin probably the biggest ponzi scam of 2016, due to this some of developers who personally decide to build a coin called XONECOIN, with 100% free distribution.

Why? well, I would like to involve as much as possible user to talk about XONECOIN and why is different and better about onecoin. First of all, xonecoin is a real crypto,with a real blockchain, then it’s free. But, differences about xonecoin and onecoin could be explained by all of you, in a good or bad way.




Max supply: 420000

PoS: 3 %


Entire distribution: 4200000 / 420 share = 1000


2 Round - Answering some easy questions running from august 27-28.

Who applied first round, couldn't apply for second ones (only for august 27-28 rounds).

E-mail round of  350000 XOC (350 shares)

Running on august 29.



Free distribution rules will comes daily. This was one coin i compiled few months ago, then put apart. Now i would like(since it’s completely developed), distribute among community and have some rumors about it, specially on onecoin community. Real blockchain will win among fake ponzi scheme.

Xonecoin team will be quite slow with airdrop, so, no rush please. This is a coin with a purpose: let onecoin supporter knows which is the difference between a real crypto and a awful ponzi pyramid scheme. Relax and enjoy distributions.

XOC is free and his distribution way is different each stage,funny,dynamics and random(will choose how,when and shares amount), so please,accept it as free.
To exchanges: Considering XOC list as free list.

Any suggestion is appreciated.







Translations (after first 2 round complete): 500 XOC each

Web Wallet: 2 share (2000 XOC)

Forums/Blogs promotions:  (500 XOC each).

Twitter promotion: TBA

Press/Media/Web article: (1000 XOC each)

Approx: 40000 XOC to be distributed through bounties.

*Xonecoin reserve 2 share for us to run on vps.
Distribution start: August 29


Why XONECOIN is better than ONECOIN?
  1. Because it's free and it have honest and dedicated dev.
  2. Because XONECOIN i know this coin will be better.
  3. Because is no one coin
  4. Because the coin owner and the dev are honest and they will give the coin for free without scamming the users.
  5. Onecoin is the biggest ponzi scheme, Xonecoin is free, fresh and 100% against of onecoin.
  6. Because you are free to sell or hold as you wish, there is no minimum holding period
  7. Because XONECOIN in different system. Good community who help each other and have a chance to reduces poverty value.
  8. Because you don't have to sit in a sweaty hotel conference room and listen to a bunch of old men lie to you
  9. Because it's totally free! No shitty ICO,no silly IPO and no one will loose money. Free coins for free community
  10. Because XONECOIN love the community and they are going to support XONECOIN.
Why ONECOIN is worst than XONECOIN?
  1. Beacause Xonecoin is a real crypto with a real blockchain and a real community.
  2. There is no such word as "Free" in Onecoin concept,no viable business model while promising everyone return of investment = "MLM Scheme Framework". Xonecoin is totally free and giving community profit = "Development Framework".
  3. ONECOIN is an insidious Ponzi scheme which misappropriates the terminology of the "blockchain" in order to scam suckers out of their money. XONECOIN is an actual blockchain.
  4. Onecoin - Ponzi scheme, dies at any time. Real people won't get into it. Xonecoin  Overcomes difficulties, one of the promising blockchain being builtup in the tough time.
  5. ONECOIN is worse than XONECOIN by the same principle as regular MEN are worse than X-MEN.
  6. Because onecoin blatantly scam the bitcoin community and fooled the community in thinking that it is fair distribution.
  7. Because onecoin is a centralized solution where very few can decide for everyone.
  8. Because you can't simply sell your onecoins on an exchange [dodofelix]
  9. OneCoin "mining" relies on "Tokens" that come with their "Educational Packages".  XOneCoin coins are mined for real!
  10. Onecoin scammed people having huge premine and dev leave project while Xonecoin have rare supply coin and 100% free for all, save 2 shares for dev.

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