The first community-owned token using an auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol

MAXIMUM token automatic staking and compounding get you up to 10,019,148% fixed APY.Maximum Token

MAXIMUM is a decentralized financial asset that uses auto-staking to provide customers with a stable, constant compound-interest return. The MAXIMUM Auto-Staking Protocol makes staking easier and more efficient, resulting in the greatest profits in the crypto world for $MAXIMUM token holders.

With automated staking and compounding on the $MAXIMUM token, you may earn up to 10’019’148 percent fixed APY. ​The MAXIMUM Protocol’s pricing and rebase awards are supported by a novel method. It features the MAXIMUM Cover Fund (MCF), which acts as an insurance fund to ensure the MAXIMUM Protocol’s price stability and long-term viability by paying all $MAXIMUM token holders a steady 0.000001096 percent rebase rate every three seconds.

The MAXIMUM development team has created a mechanism that will run in the background without causing any issues. Holders of $MAXIMUM will easily notice an intuitive staking and reward mechanism that works with and for them.

  • MAXIMUM Insurance Fund (MIF) – 5% of trading fees goes to MCF, to help sustain and back the staking rewards by establishing price stability and significantly reducing downside risk.
  • Easy Staking – Simply buy and hold in your wallet and watch the rewards grow. As the $MAXIMUM tokens are held in your wallet, they can never be controlled by a centralized authority.
  • Automated Compound Interest – There is no need to re-stake, and interest is always yielding and constantly compounding in your wallet. Simply holding it in your wallet will provide rewards.
  • Highest Fixed APY – MAXIMUM will generate the highest APY in the crypto space i.e. 10’019’148% in the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, the interest rate re-calibrates based on our innovative long-term sustainability.
  • Instant Interest Payments – The MAXIMUM Protocol pays every $MAXIMUM Token holder every 3 seconds, or 28800 times each day, making it one of the fastest auto-compounding protocols in crypto.
  • Auto Burn – One of the most innovative features of the MAXIMUM Protocol is an automatic token burn system named “The Blackhole”, which prevents inflation of the circulating supply. The Blackhole burns 2.5% out of all MAXIMUM Token market sales in each individual transaction.

The Buy-Hold-Earn function of the MAXIMUM Auto-Stake feature provides the maximum convenience of usage for $MAXIMUM holders. Buy-Hold-Earn is a three-step process that involves buying, holding, and earning. Simply acquire and keep $MAXIMUM tokens in your wallet to get rebase benefits in the form of interest payments. Every 3 seconds, your possessions will grow.


MAXIMUM uses a Rebase algorithm to ensure that token distribution is proportionate to epoch rebase incentives, which are worth 0.000001096 percent of the entire number of $MAXIMUM tokens stored in your wallet every 3 sec epoch period. The rebase payments are awarded to all $MAXIMUM holders on each EPOCH (3 sec rebase period). MAXIMUM holders get a yearly compound interest of 10’019’148 percent in Year 1 without having to move tokens from their wallets.

MAXIMUM Insurance Fund (MIF)

Maximum’s Ecosystem has a second wallet called MCF. MCF supports the Rebase Rewards using an algorithm that is backed by a part of the buy and sell trading fees that accumulate in the MCF wallet.
Staking incentives (rebase rewards) are awarded at a rate of 0.000001096 percent every 3 seconds. They are supported by the MCF parameter, ensuring that $MAXIMUM token holders will get a high and consistent interest rate.
The MAXIMUM Cover Fund holds 5% of all trading costs, which helps to sustain and support the staking gains offered by the positive rebase.

MIF protects its investors by using the following formula: P = (Principal + Interest) = $100 A = (Total Accrued Amount) = $10,000,000.

The MAXIMUM Protocol’s long-term viability and potential expansion reduce the chance of a negative outcome.


The MAXIMUM procedure relies heavily on the Treasury. Its main purpose is to ensure the protocol’s long-term viability and expansion.

The treasury might be used to support innovative MAXIMUM goods, services, and projects that will help the MAXIMUM community grow and prosper. It will also function as a source of marketing revenue. It will provide additional financial support to MIF in the event of a black swan incident.

  • Token Name: MAXIMUM
  • Token Symbol: MAXIMUM
  • Decimals: 9
  • Token Contract : 0x5a3fe…….917ad42e5
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • This liquidity will be locked for 1000 Years via trusted PinkLock.
  • Research and team building
  • Whitepaper Documentation
  • Brand Guide and Logo
  • Smart contract development
  • Website and dAPP v1 development
  • Social Launch (Twitter, Telegram)
  • Brand Awareness Campaign
  • KYC Audit
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Deployment Phase – Smart Contract – Testnet
  • Launch Marketing Phase
  • Deployment Phase – Smart Contract – Mainnet
  • PinkSale Liquidity Locked for 100 years
  • Fair Launch on PinkSale
  • PR Marketing
  • PancakeSwap Launch
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • YouTube Marketing Campaign
  • New York Time Square Billboards Advertisement
  • International Celebrities/Influencers Campaign
  • 5,000 Token Holders
  • Strategic Partnerships with other Defi projects
  • 10,000 Token Holders
  • 25,000 Token Holders
  • 50,000 Token Holders
  • 100,000 Token Holders
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