Trusted & Safe Platform for REBASE & AUTO-STAKING. EARN UPTO 1,822,684.19% APY*  IN JUST 365 DAYSLanuna Finance

Annual Percentage Yield is abbreviated as APY. By factoring in the effect of compounding interest, you may calculate the true rate of return on your principal. Your $LUNU tokens represent your principal in Lanuna Finance, and compound interest is calculated on every Rebase event (every 6 minutes), also known as an ‘Epoch.’

Your new primary amount is equal to the sum of your previous $LUNU token value plus your new rebase token value. Your next rebase incentives will be computed using this total amount.

Compound Interest’s Mysteries – It’s vital to remember that your balance will increase exponentially rather than linearly over time. Using a compound interest rate of 0.01120 percent and a time interval of 6 minutes.


With the highest fixed APY of 1,822,684.19 percent, this is an outstanding rebase and auto-staking protocol.
$LUNU investors will receive a return of 1,822,684.19 percent compounded every 6 minutes with a fixed APY of 1,822,684.19 percent.

For instance, a $100 LUNU investment will yield $1,822,684.19 LUNU after just 12 months.
Aside from that, Lanuna offers a variety of alternatives for users to supplement their revenue. The most popular is Play to Earn and Move to Earn.

Play to Earn will be available shortly, with appealing games and intriguing features.

Lanuna Finance is working on an app called Move To Earn that will let users make more money through running activities.



With Lanuna Finance Auto-Staking Protocol, staking is now easier, more efficient, and lucrative. It provides the most consistent profits in the crypto world.

Automatic LP

Every 48 hours, the Lanuna Auto-Liquidity Provide Feature will inject automatic liquidity into the market. A tax charge of 2% for Buy and 5% for Sell is automatically kept in an Auto-LP wallet and is embedded into the smart contract of our protocol.

Highest Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

The highest fixed annual percentage yield will be 1,822,684.19 percent. Users will get a preset prize from Lanuna, and your assets will rise by 0.01120 percent every 6 minutes.

Low risk using the Risk Control Fund (RCF) wallet

The RCF wallet will assist to sustain and support the staking benefits offered by the positive rebase, in which 4% of purchases and 6% of sales are sent to the RCF.

Staking is easy and safe

To receive the reward, all you have to do is purchase and keep $LUNU tokens in your wallet. Your wallet will be credited with the incentives. You do not need to keep or send your data to a third party. It’s easy to do and very safe for your asset.

Earn money by playing

Play to Earn will be available shortly, with appealing games and intriguing features.

Application for Move To Earn

Lanuna players may not only earn more money but also enhance their health by using the move to earn function. To earn the award, let’s utilize Lanuna NFT and finish the motion.

  • Token Name: Lanuna Finance
  • Token Symbol: LUNU
  • Decimals: 5
  • Token Contract : 0xc180d……DC16aD76501
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Initial Supply: 1,000,000
  • Website, concept
  • Whitepaper, documentation
  • Contracts with Intelligence
  • Audit of Contracts
  • V1 of the dashboard
  • Pinksale’s KYC
  • Phase 1 of marketing
  • Campaign for a Whitelist
  • Bounty Hunting
  • AMA (American Medical Association) Campaign
  • Pinksale is having a fair launch
  • Liquidity is restricted.
  • Pancakeswap is a listing
  • Listing on
  • Listing of Coingecko
  • Listing on Dappradar
  • Phase 2 of the marketing
  • Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok promo.
  • V2 of the Dashboard
  • Expansion of collaborations
  • Play in order to get integration.
  • Application for mobile devices (IOS, Android )
  • Integration with Move to Earn
  • Multichain
  • DAO


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